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Presumably you mean 77%? You got 61 right.

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Q: What if you took a test of 80 questions and got a 77 how many did you get wrong?
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How many question have you got wrong if you go 91 percent of 35?

I took a test that had 35 questions. I got a 91%, how many did I miss?

How many questions are on the Utah driving permit test?

i just took it and its 50

You took a test with 130 questions you answered 92 percent correctly how many questions did you get correct?

Questions correct are 130 * 0.92 or 120.

Janet took a standardized test that contained 328 questions she answered 75 percent of the questions How many questions did she answer?

0.75 x 328 = 246 questions

Took a test that had 20 questions. Total grade was computed by 10 points for each correct and 5 point deduction for each wrong. All questions were answered with a score of 125. How many were wrong?

well you can go to answer right under ask and it will give you a list you can answers

How many questions are on the motorcycle written test?

Took the written Test in IL at the DMV yesterday. There were 13 questions. Really easy, just read the little booklet.

How many questions are on the cdl general knowledge test?

Last time i took the test in ILLINOIS there was 25 question in General knowledge.

Janet took a standardized test that contained 328 questions she answered 75 percent of?

If she answered 75% of them right she would have answered 246 of them right and 82 of them wrong.

How many points to take off with 130 questions?

If you took a test with 130 questions on them each question would value approximately 1.3 points per question.

Can you be pregnant if you been spotting through out your period and took pregnancy test it was negative?

yes if the test was wrong

If you took a AR test on the sisters grimm book 1 what would the answers be?

Read it, take the test, and answer the questions yourself.

What could be wrong if you haven't had a period in 3 months?

maybe your pregnant have you took a test

Which condition is hypertension of unknown cause?

Primary Hypertension is the cause of unknown This is WRONG! I took a test and I used this answer and I got it wrong.

I haven't gotten my period for month but I took a blood test andor was negative can the test be wrong?

honey you have an irregular period

What is the MAP test?

The MAP test is a test on the computer, usually with 50 some questions. It starts easy and will get harder if you are getting the questions correct. If you get lots of correst questions, you will have more questions. If you aren't, the questions get easier and you get less questions. You start from the same level score that you achieved the last time you took the MAP test. That means you start with a question with the same level score you last achieved.

You took a pregnancy test it says its negative but you feel like you are is the test wrong?

It maybe too soon for there to be enough hCG, wait a week and test again.

When you retake your Florida permit test is it the same test?

I know i took it a couple times and each some questions were different and some were rearranged

If you took a test with 150 questions and got 116 right what percentage did you get right?

77 and 1/3%

What are some sample test questions for the book Catching Fire?

Sample test questions for the book Catching Fire might include asking about the characters in the book, the main character, and where the story took place.

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the land answer is wrong i just took a test with this question and it was a surplus of food

How many students took the ACT test?


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Wasim Akram took 414 Test Match wickets for Pakistan

Im a week late and took pregnancy test and test came out neg what can be wrong with you?

Many things could contribute to you being late. Stress, a change in diet, an illness, maybe you have been exercising more.

A clear cut example of mutualism is found in?

The answer is (b) lichens.....not cows, just took the test and I got it wrong

What did Lincoln offer to the southerners?

amnesty, because i just took a test on this. I answered the ten percent plan but that was the wrong answer.