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Q: What if your perimeter is 12 cm mys sides are all equal the sum of half your sides is equal to 6 cm.How many sides do you have?
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What if your perimeter is 12 cm my sides are all equal the sum of half your sides is equal to 6 cm. How many sides do you have?

I have four sides all of 3 cm.

What is the perimeter of a flower bed with sides that are 8 and a half feet?

The perimeter, in feet, is 8.5 times the number of sides.

What would happen to the perimeter if the side lengths of a rectangle are halved?

The perimeter of a rectangle is just the sum of the lengths of its sides, so taking half of each of the sides would make the total half of its original value also.

What is the relationship between the length plus the width and the perimeter?

the perimeter is all of the sides added up, the length and width would only give you half of the perimeter i think...

A square and a rectangle each have a perimeter of 100ft explain how this is possibl?

Perimeter is just the measure around the outside of the figure. The square has to have all the sides of equal length, so they must be 25 feet (25x4=100) The rectangle needs to have 2 sides of equal length and 2 sides of a different equal length. They could be 30 ft, 30 ft, 20 ft, 20 ft....or 45 ft, 45 ft, 5 ft, 5 ft,. As long as the first 2 sides together equal more than 50 ft (more than half), then the last two sides equal (100-first two sides) divided by 2 sides.

What is the perimeter of a square that is six and a half feet?

26 feet (4 sides x 6.5 = 26)

How do you find perimeter and area of triangles?

Perimeter . . . add up the lengths of all three sides. Area . . . multiply (half the length of the base) by (the height).

An isosceles triangle with congruent sides of 16.2 cm and a third side half that length what's the perimeter?

Perimeter of the isosceles triangle: 16.2+16.2+8.1 = 40.5 cm

If the base of an isosceles traingle is 43 cm and the perimeter is 6215 cm what is the length of either of the remaining equal sides?

The two sides are each 3086 centimeters in length. An isosceles triangle has a base and two congruent sides. If the base of an isosceles triangle is 43 cm long and the perimeter of that triangle is 6215 cm, then the length of the two congruent sides is 6215 cm minus 43 cm, or 6172 cm. Each side will be half that, or 6172 cm divided by 2, or 3086 cm.

What is the nearest half inch of a quadrangle?

draw a quadrangle measure the sides to the nearest half inch writ the length next to each side .find the perimeter

How many tenths equal a one half?

Ten tenths equal 1. So to find half of that, devide both sides by 2; you end up with 5 tenths equal one half.

How do you find the perimeter of a letter?

Sum the measurements of the sides. If the letter is symmetrical you can measure half and multiply by two.

What if you break a wish bone in half and the two sides are equal?

So what?

What is the perimeter and area of a circle with diameter equal to 5 cm?

Perimeter = diameter x pi. Area = pi x radius2. (The radius is half the diameter.)

A rectangle has a length of 8 m and a perimeter of 22m find the width of the rectangle.?

The perimeter of the rectangle is the sum of all four side lengths. A rectangle has two pairs of congruent sides. Two sides are 8m each. That accounts for 16m of the perimeter. 22 - 16 = 6. So the other two sides must add up to 6m. Divide that amount in half since the sides are congruent. The width of the rectangle is 3m.

How do you find the perimeter of a square that has 2 and one half inches on each side?

All you would have to do is multiply 2.5 by 4 since a square is composed of 4 sides and all a perimeter is is the measure of the outside of a shape.

What is the perimeter of a semi circle?

The perimeter of a full circle is 2*pi*r. Where, pi is the mathematical constant that is the ratio of any circle's circumference to its diameter, approximately equal to 3.14, and r is the radius of the circle. The perimeter of a semi circle, assumed to be half of a full circle is pi*r where pi and r are previously defined.

A heptagon has perimeter 121 feet . Four of the sides are the same length, and the remaining sides are half as long. How long are the shorter sides?

The answer will be 30.25

Verify that the straight line joining mid -point of any two sides of triangle is parallel to the third side and equal to half of it?

Input straight line joining mid -point of any two sides of triangle is parallel to the 3rd side and equal to half of it.

What is the area of a regular polygon if the radius is 8 cm?

The area of a regular polygon with n sides is the half of the product of its perimeter and the apothem. So that you do not have enough information to find the area of the polygon (for example how many sides it has, or the side length).

What is the perimeter in feet and inches for a regular polygon with 11 sides and each side is four and a half inches long?

11 sides of 4.5 inches each sums to 49.5 inches = 4 ft 1.5 inches.

How does area of a circle relate to circumference?

The area of a circle is equal to the perimeter times half the radius. That is, A = P*r/2

How do you calculate square footage from perimeter total of 4 measurements in inches?

Measure the length of the 4 sides. If equal, you have an equilateral rectangle and can multiply length X width for the area. If not equal, then find the rectangle and measure as above, then measure the remaining 1 or 2 right triangles at the base and altitude, multiply, divide by half, and add all together.

What is the perimeter of a square with a side measuring eleven and a half inches?

What is the perimeter of a square with a side measuring eleven and a half inches?

What shape has two parallel sides two pairs of equal angle and half of it are obtuse angle?

a parelelogram