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The Archimedes Screw.

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Q: What invention of Archimedes was used to lift water?
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When did Archimedes invent the Archimedes screw?

Archimedes invented the screw because there was a hole in one of the ships and water was leaking everywhere. He used it to lift the water up from the boat and through to the other side.

How did the Archimedes screw help the Eygptians?

Archimedes' Screw was one of the earliest kinds of pump, used by the Egyptians to lift water for irrigation of crops.

What inventions of Archimedes are still being used today?

One invention Archimedes invented is the Archimedes Screw. It's still used today to irrigate crops.

What is the Archimedes screw used for today?

The Archimedes screw is used for irrigating crops and liftin water from mines and ship bilges.

What is an Archimedes screw used for?

An Archimedes screw is used for transporting water from a low lying area, to a higher area. The Archimedes screw has a twisting spiraling mechanism that keeps bringing water from the bottom of the screw, up to the top.

How did ancient Egyptians get water out of the nile?

They used the Archimedes Screw

What do people use the screw for?

Archimedes' invention of the screw is for digging into things. A drill is an example of a screw. During Archimedes' time, people used the screw to bring water from low ground level to high ground level. The screw is also used for building things too. They are used like nails to put things together.

What ancient Greek mathematician organized the defense of Syracuse against Rome?

Archimedes, who designed a machine that could be used to lift the Roman Triremes right out of the water, from within the City's walls.

What do people use the pulley for?

The pulley is for moving heavy things around. Archimedes used his invention to pull a fully-loaded ship.

Why was Archimedes screw invented?

It was used to move water upwards, for irrigation.

What is a hydrostatic balance that Galileo invented?

The hydrostatic balance was an accurate balance that could weigh objects both in water and in the air. Galileo got the idea from the "Eureka" story about Archimedes and the King of Syracuse's crown in which Archimedes had to prove if the king's crown was made of real gold or not. Galileo used some of Archimedes ideas and built his own invention which he called the hydrostatic balance.

Why did Archimedes built the Archimedes screw?

When it was first invented, it was intended to draw water out of Greek ships. However, it was later used for irrigation.

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