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-122 +18x cant be simplified

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Q: What is -122 plus 18x simplified?
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What is the simplified sum of 23x plus 189y -5x - 201y?

18x +12y = 0

What is 18x plus 14y plus 3x - 10y?

It's a linear expression in two unknowns.It can be simplified a little bit:18x + 14y + 3x - 10y = 21x + 4y

2x-36 plus 122?

It can be simplified to: 2x+86

What is x squared plus 18 x plus?

x2 + 18x = x(x + 18) which cannot be simplified further.

What is 2x4 plus 8x3 plus 18x?

(2x4) + (8x3) + 18x 8 + 24 + 18x 32 + 18x

Solve the equation 6 x 1 18x?

The equation 6 x-1 18x can be simplified to the answer 112x.

What is (11 x - 8) plus 7(x - 1)?

If you mean (11x -8)+7(x -1) then it is 18x -15 when simplified

What is 18x plus 45?

18x + 45 or 9(2x + 5) how is this answer figured?

How do you factor x2 plus 18x-50?

x2 + 18x - 50 does not have rational factors.

X2 plus 18x plus 81 is this a trinomial?


What is 18x plus 24 factorised fully?

18x + 24 6(3x + 4) is factored fully

What is the discriminant of the polynomial 9x2 plus 18x plus 9?

It is: 0

How do you factor 9x squared minus 18x plus 9?

9x2 - 18x + 99(x2 - 2x + 1)==========

Factor the trinomial 6x2-18x plus 12?

6x2-18x+12 = (6x-6)(x-2)

Factor the trinomial 5x2-18x plus 9?

5x2-18x+9 = (5x-3)(x-3)

How do you Factor 8x2-18x plus 9?

7Improved Answer:8x2-18x+9 = (4x-3)(2x-3)

How do I combine like terms expression -16x plus 2 plus 18x?

Add them together and so -16x+2+18x becomes 2x+2

What is the vertex of x2 plus 18x plus 19?

The vertex is (-9, -62).

What is the answer to 2x plus 4 times 4x plus 5?

18x + 5

What is 49 over 122 in simplest form?

49/122 is in its simplest form.

What is the greatest common factor of the terms of 3x4 plus 18x?

3x**4+18x 3x(x**3+6)

How do you factor 8x squared minus 18x plus 9?

8x2 -18x+9=(2x+-3)(4x+-3)

Is 9x2-18x plus 9 a trinomial square?


What are the factors of 18x plus 45?

9(2x + 5)

What is the discriminant of the polynomial 9x2-18x plus 9?

It is 0.