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(4+x) (2x-3)

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Q: What is 2x squared minus 5x minus 12 in factored form?
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How do you factor x squared minus x minus 12?

It is x^2 -x -12 is (x+3)(x-4) when factored

What are the factors of x squared minus 10x minus 24?

x2-10x-24 = (x+2)(x-12) when factored

What is 6x squared minus x minus 12 factor using group method?

It is: (3x+4)(2x-3) when factored

What is 2x squared plus 2x minus 24 in factored form?

Factor out a 22(X2 + X - 12)2(X - 3)(X + 4)===========

What is 5x squared minus 28x minus 12?

Factored, that's (x - 6)(5x + 2) x = 6, -2/5

What is x squared plus 4x minus 12?

I assume you wanted this factored: (x+6)(x-2)

How do ypu factor X squared minus 13x plus 12?

It is x^2 -13x +12 = (x-1)(x-12) when factored

What is the factored form of 16x2 minus 16x minus 12?

D.4(2x - 3)(2x + 1)

How do you factor the expression x squared plus 1x minus 12?

The expression x2 + 1x - 12 can be factored out as (x - 3)(x + 4)

How do you factor x squared plus 2x minus 120?

x2+2x-120 = (x+12)(x-10) when factored

What is minus 2 squared minus 12?

-22 - 12 = -8

How do you factor x squared minus 8x plus 12?

Find out what two numbers add up to -8 yet when mutiplied they produce 12 and so: x squared-8x+12 = (x-2)(x-6) when factored

What is y squared minus thirteen y add twelve?

It is: y^2 -13y +12 = (y-1)(y-12) when factored

When you subtract one square number from another and the number is 12 what are the two square numbers?

The answer is 4 squared minus 2 squared as 4 squared is 16 minus 2 squared, which is 4, gives you 12 as an answer.

What is the standard form of 12 squared?

The standard form of 12 squared is 122

What are the steps for how to do x squared minus 12?

There is nothing to "do".

How do you factor x squared minus 12 x plus 36?

x squared minus 12 x plus 36 = (x - 6)(x - 6)

What is 12 squared minus 17 plus 6?


What is the factor of 6a squared 17a plus 12?

It is: (2a+3)(3a+4) when factored

What is d squared plus 16d plus 48 factored?

(d+12) (d+4)

What is x squared plus 7x plus 12?

It is (x+3)(x+4) when factored

What is 4y squared minus 4 y minus 12?

it depends,if y = 0 the answer is -12 if y = 5 then the answer is 368

How do you factor 12x squared -7x -12?

It is: 12x2-7x-12 equals (4x+3)(3x-4) when factored

How do you factor x2 - 7x 12?

If you mean: x squared -7x +12 then it is (x-3)(x-4) when factored

What does x squared minus 12 equal?

Actually, x2 - 12 cannot be simplified.