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As an algebraic expression it is: 3+14k

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Q: What is 3 plus the product of 14 and k?
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What is k plus 6 -20?


What is the answer to 3k plus 14 equals k?

==> 3k+14=k ==>3k-k=-14 ==>2k=-14 ==>k=-7 ans...

What is the answer to.... k plus 3 equals -3?

If: k+3=-3 Then: k=-3-3 k=-6

What is equation product of 12 and k is 84?

If: 12k = 84 then k = 7

The cube of the product of k and m?

(k*m)3 = k3*m3

How many like terms are in the expression fourteen k plus 3 j minus 8 h minus 3 k plus 3 plus h k 2?

One triplet (k) and two pairs (h and number). 3j has no like term.

2k plus 42 times 2k plus 4 equals 32?

k = 14/43

What is the factor of k plus 5k?

k + 5k = 6k 2 x 3 x k

How do you balance K3PO4 plus HCl to KCl plus H3PO4?

K3PO4 + 3HCl -> 3KCl + H3PO4 Since K on the reactant side has 3 potassium atoms, K on the product side should also have 3 potassium atoms to balance the equation. Since you put the 3 on KCl of the product side, another 3 has to go on the Cl on the reactant side which also matches the 3 hydrogen atoms on the product side in H3PO4. If you check, the equation is now balanced. Everything that appears on the left, equally appears on the right

What is k plus and PO4-3?

K subscrpit 3PO subscript 4= K3PO4

3K-1 equals K plus 2?

3k-1=k+2 2k=3 k=3/2=1.5

9x2 - 6x plus k equals 0?

k = -3; factors are (9x + 3)(x - 1)

M plus the product of 6 and n?


When k is Eliminated in the system 5j-k equals 17j plus 3k equals 3 what values of j and k will satisfy the system?

j=-3 and k=2

What is k plus 1 plus k plus 4?

2k + 5

If k over 3 plus k over 4 equals 1 what is k?

K/3 + k/4 = 1 LCD=12 *divide lcd by denominator* K(4) + K(3) = 12(1) 4k + 3k = 12 7k = 12 k=12/7

What is 6ok plus k?

60k plus k is 61k

Which of the following has the smallest radius is K plus Rb Rb plus K?


Fx equals 3 plus 4x?

y = 3x + 2x^2 + k where k is any number

Is 'k plus plus' same as 'k equals k plus 1' in Java?

Yes, they are exactly the same, both of them increment k in 1.

1 plus 3 plus 5 plus 7n how will you do this program?

Print "Type the upper limit (n) ?" Input n K = -1 WHILE K < = n K = K + 2 Sum = Sum + K WEND Print "The sum of all odd numbers up to "; n; "is "; Sum

What is the answer to 4k-3 equals 3k plus 4?

Take 3k from both sides to get k-3 equals 4, so k is 7

What are the possible values of k when kx squared plus x squared plus kx plus k plus 1 equals 0 has equal roots?

Taking all terms and conditions into consideration a quadratic equation can be finally formed as such that 3k^2 +8k +4 = 0 whose solutions are k = -2/3 or k = -2 Check: 3(-2/3)^2 +8(-2/3) +4 = 0 Check: 3(-2)^2 +8(-2) +4 = 0

What is 264 as the product of prime factors in index form?

2^3 x 3 x 11

What are the factors of the following polynomial k2 plus 18k plus 81?

To factor this, find two numbers whose product is 81 and sum 18. These two numbers are therefore 9 and 9. So we can rewrite the polynomial in its factored form as follows: (k+9)(k+9), or "k plus 9 squared"