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A 4 inch drill pipe torque is used for fishing in small casing.

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Q: What is 4 inch drill pipe torque up to?
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What is the make-up torque of a drill pipe 3.5 15.50 ftlbs TJ OD 4.75 premium?

what grade

When applying make up torque to drill pipe with 2 different tong lengths which tong do you calculate the make up torque with?

When calculating the torque you would use the lenght of which ever tong that is connected to your load cell.

What is the make up torque HT55-375 drill pipe?

56,300 ft-lbs. Go look at the NOV Grant Prideco website...

How do you make Ruben's Tube?

basically you need a pipe and a 1mm drill and you drill holes half an inch apart and place and plug up the end with something. make a hole on the end of your rubber cork and attach a gas pipe and fill it with the gas of your choice i suggest propane and light it

What is the make up torque HT55 375 drill pipe?

it will vary by Tool Joint OD and ID. FYI 7"OD x ID 4" HT55 is 52,600 Ft lbs

Can you cut into cast iron soil pipe with plastic soil pipe?

You can put up to a 2 inch pipe into a 4 inch. If you are putting 4 inch to 4 inch, either take out a section of the cast and put the PVC in or cut out a section and connect the PVC to the cast with rubber sleeves meant for this. You can use a saddle clamp for the 2 inch. It is a half round piece of PVC with a 2 inch connection in it. It is held on with two U bolts that go around the cast pipe. Put it where you need it and mark the 2 inch hole on the cast. Drill a series of 1/8 inch holes around this circle. when you get them all drilled, you can break out the plug. Try to keep it from falling into the cast pipe. Put the saddle clamp on and connect the PVC pipe as needed. Seal the saddle clamp to the cast pipe with plumbers putty.

What uses and functions of hand drill?

To drill holes up to about 1/2 inch in wood, plastics and some metals.

Customer want to buy a drill and ask you if torque or revolutions per minute is more important?

Depends on what materials they are normally going to be using it on. Softer materials, such as wood products or soft metals, I'd suggest to get a drill with high rpm's. But if they are going to be using it to drill hard substances then I would direct them towards a drill with a higher torque, as this will help to avoid the drill freezing up or skipping on the materials.

Are explosives used in petroleum drilling?

No...what in the world would possess a man to think that explosives would be safe to use on an oil well. The proper way to drill an oil well would be to use a "Drill Bit" followed by a series of tools and special pipe to make up the "Bottom hole assembly" or the BHA. As the bit drills deeper a series of pipe are added to the top of the drilling pipe, these are call "Drill Pipe"

What are spinning tongs used for?

Hydraulics. They are used for oilfield drilling operations and widely applied in making up and breaking out of drill pipes. They are designed to be open-throat with high mobility to escape from the drill pipes freely. A drill pipe power tong consists of a spinning tong and a torque tong, it substitutes a cathead, suspension tong and spinning rope in making up and breaking out.

How is mud circulated in drilling operation?

Mud is pumped down the drill pipe, and it flows through the bit, then up the annulus between the drill pipe and formation. Since mud carries rock fragments and possibly contains gas, it must be processed before being pumped down the drill pipe. Also, there may be some losses, so a make up supply of mud must always be available. See related link.

How many gallons of water in 72 inch pipe 16 feet long?

A 72-inch pipe 16 feet long holds up to 3,384.1 US gallons of water.