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This pipe can hold up to 0.5 cubic foot or 3.7 gallons of water.

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Q: How many cubic feet are in a 3-inch pipe that is 10' long full of water?
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How much does 800 ft in cube of water weight-?

800 cubic feet of water weights roughly 49,941.52 (water volume times density.)

How many cubic feet of water will a pool that is 20 feet long and 12 feet wide and 4 feet deep hold if it is full?

(20' x 12' x 4') = 960 cubic feet

If an underground pool is 15 feet wide and 30 feet long and 8 feet deep what is the volume of the water in the pool when the pool it is three-fourths full?

15 feet * 30 feet * 8 feet = 3600 cubic feet 3600 * 0.75 = 2700 cubic feet of water 2700 cubic feet = approximately 20,197.4026 US gallons

How many cubic foot is a container that contains 1500 liters of water?

Assuming the container is full at 1500 liters, the container's volume in cubic feet will be about 53 cubic feet (52.9720005, more precisely).

You want full form for tmc?

thousand million cubic feet..TMC used as measured 4 water

How many pounds are in 10 cubic feet?

The conversion factor for pounds to cubic feet varies depending on the material. For example, 10 cubic feet of water is approximately 62.4 pounds, while 10 cubic feet of soil may weigh around 1,000-1,500 pounds. It is important to know the density of the material in question to make an accurate conversion.

Weight of river sand 100 cubic feet?

The weight of river sand can vary depending on its moisture content, but on average, river sand weighs about 2,600 pounds per cubic yard. So, for 100 cubic feet, you would be looking at approximately 3,704 pounds of river sand.

How many pounds in 2.4 cubic foot?

That completely depends on what substance is in the cubic feet. If the volume is empty, then it weighs zero pounds. If it's full of water, then it weighs roughly 150 pounds. If it's 2.4 cubic feet of gold, then it weighs about 2,865 pounds.

What if the full form of CFM?

It is Cubic feet per metre

Full form of unit CFT?

Cubic Feet of Triangle

What is the full form of cft in logistics business?

Cubic Feet

What is the cubic feet of a 4.3ft x4.3ft x4.3ft aquarium?

(4.3 x 4.3 x 4.3) = 79.507 cubic feet, IF it's full to a depth of 4.3 feet.