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59 and 3/5

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Q: What is 59.6 as a mix number in simplest form?
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How do you rename a whole number or a mix number in simplest form?

Every whole number is already in simplest form. Simplest form only refers to the fraction part of a mixed number. Find the GCF of the numerator and the denominator and divide them both by it. If the GCF is 1, the fraction is in its simplest form.

What is 67.24 in mix number in simplest form?

67 and 6/25

What is 16.54 as a mix number?

It is 16 and 27/50 in its simplest form

What is the decimal as a mix number in simplest form for 10.4?

10 and 2/5

How do you write 4.5 as a mix number in simplest form?

4 1/2

How do you write 27.03 as a mix number in simplest form?

27 3/100

How do you write 1.7 as a mix number in simplest form?

1 and 7/10

What is 4.6 as a mix number in simplest form?

4.6 = 46/10 = 43/5

What is 9.33 as a mix number?

9 and 33/100 ------------------------simplest form

How do you write 6.04 as a fraction or mix number in simplest form?

6 and 1/25

How do you convert 240 percent to a mix number in simplest form?

2 and 2/5

What is 550 percent in decimal form and as a mix number or fraction in simplest form?

550% = 5.5 or 11/2 = 5 1/2

900 percent mix number or fraction in simplest form?

900% = 9⁄1 = 9

What 9.7 as a mix number in simplest from?

It is 9 7/10.

Write 3.35 in mix number in simplest?

3 7/20

How do you convert 2.68 to a mix number?

It is: 2 and 17/25 in its simplest terms

How do you write a mix number in simplest form?

a simplest form is kinda of like equivalent For ex. _7 3 will equal to 2 1 ---------- 3 cause you also know 2x3 is 6 that's all i know I'm glad it helps

Is 4.28 a mix number?

No because 4.28 as a mixed number in its simples form is: 4 and 7/25

Is 2.53 a mix number?

Yes it is. In conventional form it would be 2 and 53/100

1.21 as a mix number?

1.21 as a mix number

What colors do you get when you mix red and green?

Some form of grey/black or any of a large number of browns, depending on the amounts of each.

Water can mix with what gas in the air to form an acid?

The gas in the air that water can mix with to form an acid is carbon dioxide.

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No. There are a number of types of bleach. Ammonia is not one of them. Never mix ammonia and bleach. Depending on the type, they can react to form a deadly gas.

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MIX is the Roman Numeral form for 1009.

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The plural of mix is mixes.