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6 mph over 2 hours is 3 miles an hour. Or 1 mile every 20 minutes. Not sure what is meant by a unit rate?

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Q: What is 6 miles in 2 hours as a unit rate?
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What is the unit rate of 70 miles and 2 hours?

Write each rate as a unit rate 70 miles in 2 hours

How do you find the unit rate for 128 miles in 2 hours?

Divide the number of miles by the number of hours to obtain the unit rate. You should get: 128 miles / 2 hours = 64 miles per hour

What is the unit rate 108 miles in 2 hours?

108 miles in 2 hours = 108/2 = 54 miles per hour.

What is unit rate for 60 miles in 2 hours?

30 miles per hour.

What is the unit rate of 20 miles in 2 hours?

20 divided by 2 = 10

What is the unit rate of 3 inches of snow in 6 hours?

the unit rate is 2 :)0

What is the rate as a unit for 14 hours in 2 weeks?

jessica earned 14 by babysiting for 4 hours what is her unit rate

A boat can travel 27 miles in 2 hours.what is the unit rate in miles per hour?

A boat can travel 27 miles in 2 hours.what is the unit rate in miles per hour?

Why are rates within the experiments called unit rates?

a unit rate is a mathematical term refering to how much or how many to a unit of 1. that was kind of confusing so let me give you an example. if you drove a total of 55 miles in 2 hours. the unit rate would be how many miles you drove in 1 hour, or 1 minute depending on the question.EXP: your on vacation and your family drove 55 miles in to hours. how many miles did you drive in 1 hour.55 divided by 2 = 27.52 divided by 2 = 1 unit rate = 27.5 over 1divide by the denominator

What is the unit rate of 120 miles in 2 hours?

1 mile per minute, 88 feet per second, 60 miles per hour.

what 60 miles in 2 hoursfind the unit rate?

ohelp me

What is 18 miles in 2 hours written as a unit rate?

In 2 hours you travel 18 miles, so in half the time, 1 hour, you'll travel half the distance, 9 miles. So you've travelled at 9 miles per hour (9mph).

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