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BC' + BC' = 2BC'

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BC' + BC' = 2BC'.

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Q: What is BC' plus BC' simplified?
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What is the simplified solution to BC plus 0 equals f?

f = B x C

2a plus 5a simplified?


What is the simplified version of 6b plus 3b plus 8b?

It is 17b when simplified

Which is the simplest form of bc-2d?

bc - 2d is in its simplest form.

What is a plus a plus a simplified?


What is A plus 2B simplified?

A + 2B cannot be simplified.

Can 3x plus x be simplified?

Yes, it can be simplified into 4x.

What mathematical property is a plus bc bc plus a?

It is the property of commutativity.

If ab plus bc equals ac then ac equals ab plus bc?

yes because ab plus bc is ac

Ab plus bc equals bc plus ab what property is this?


What B plus b plus b is simplified to?

It is: B+2b when simplified assuming B and b have different values

What is -122 plus 18x simplified?

-122 +18x cant be simplified

Whats - 5 plus 6v simplified?

The expression cannot be simplified.

3x2 plus 2x2 plus 3 simplified?


What is y plus y plus y simplified?


Is 5x plus 7y plus 3 simplified?

Yes it is.

What is 6A plus A plus 3 simplified?

7A + 3

What is d plus 3d plus 6d?

They can be simplified to 10d

What is 3c plus 5c plus c simplified?

9c is.

4k plus 3k plus 2k?

It can be simplified to: 9k

What is The simplified form of (3a2 - 5ab plus c2) plus (-2a2 plus 10ab plus 6c2)?

What is The simplified form of (3a2 - 5ab plus c2) plus (-2a2 plus 10ab plus 6c2)

What is x plus 18 simplified?

x + 18 is already simplified to the greatest extent.

Why can't the expression 2x plus 2xsquared be simplified?

What do you mean "simplified"? It can definitely be factored.

What would c2 plus c2 plus c2 plus c2 be simplified to?


What is X plus X plus X plus X simplified in algebra?


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