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Assuming that "secany" is meant to be secant, the answer is cosecant.

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2015-10-11 14:23:23
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Q: What is Secany squared times cotangent times cosine?
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How can you prove that 1-2 cosine squared over sine times cosine is equal to tangent minus cotangent?

sin2 + cos2 = 1 So, (1 - 2*cos2)/(sin*cos) = (sin2 + cos2 - 2*cos2)/(sin*cos) = (sin2 - cos2)/(sin*cos) = sin2/(sin*cos) - cos2/(sin*cos) = sin/cos - cos-sin = tan - cot

What is sine squared times cotangent squared times secant squared?

The answer is 1. sin^2 x cos^2/sin^2 x 1/cos^2 cos^2 will be cancelled =1 sin^2 also will be cancelled=1 1/1 = 1

How do you prove that the sin over one minus the cosine minus one plus the cosine over the sine equals zero?

Multiply both sides by sin(1-cos) and you lose the denominators and get (sin squared) minus 1+cos times 1-cos. Then multiply out (i.e. expand) 1+cos times 1-cos, which will of course give the difference of two squares: 1 - (cos squared). (because the cross terms cancel out.) (This is diff of 2 squares because 1 is the square of 1.) And so you get (sin squared) - (1 - (cos squared)) = (sin squared) + (cos squared) - 1. Then from basic trig we know that (sin squared) + (cos squared) = 1, so this is 0.

What is 36 squared times 24 squared?

36 squared times 24 squared is equal to 746,496.

Why do cosine to the negative 1th power and cosine cancel out each other?

Cosine to the negative first power and cosine cancel each other out because cosine to the negative first power is one over cosine, and one over anything times anything is just one.

What is the cotangent of 7 times Pi divided by 4?


Does a squared times x squared equal ax squared?


What is 3y squared in parentheses to the 4th power 3y squared times 3y squared times 3y squared times 3y squared?

(3y2)4*3y2*3y2*3y2*3y2 = 38*y16 = 6561y16

What is 4 squared times 4 squared times 4 squared times 4 squared?

16 to the 4th power, or 16 x 16 x 16 x 16 = 65,536

What is 9 squared times 100 squared?


What is 5x squared times 25?

125x squared

72cm squared times 8?

576cm squared.

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