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It is a definitional statement for a variable T.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is T equals to 4ounce?
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If a equals t and t equals u what does a equals?

If A = T and T = U then A = U.

Find s when t equals 10 if s is inversely proportional to t and s equals 100 when t equals 5?


If s is directly proportional to t and s equals 40 when t equals 15 find t when s equals 64?

s is directly proportional to t

What was jack's speed from t equals 5 sec to t equals 10 sec?

There is sufficient information to determine Jack's speed at t equals 10 seconds.

How many glasses of wine in 5lt box?

That is approximately 44, 4ounce glasses of wine

What does t equal if -t equals 5?

If -t = 5, then t = -5

What is 7 plus 8 equals 3xt therefore T equals?

(7 + 8)/3 = t Therefore, t = 5.

What is the value of t when 5x equals -2 and 4y equals -4?

It is impossible to give the value of t when it is not defined.

Is t plus t equals 2t or t squared?


If B plus P plus F equals 24 what are the values of Q and T A plus B equals Z Z plus P equals T T plus A equals F F plus S equals Q Q-T equals 7?


What is the highest and lowest value 6 letter words for example CHATTER c equals 3 h equals a equals 1 t equals 20 t equals 20 e equals 5 r equals 18?

I'd guess at the word tzitzi like the sauce.

What is the value of s and t if 16 percent of s equals t and 10 percent of t equals 40?

If 10% of t = 40, then t = 400 If s = 16% of 400, then s = 64

What is the average speed of the object from t equals 0 s to t equals 3 s?

3 m/s

If v equals m times t divided by a what does m equal?

divided by what? m will be equals to t divided by v

What is t-10 if t equals 17 and if t equals 50?

(t - 10)t=17 = 7(t - 10)t=50 = 40

D equals 66 m T equals 2 seconds AS equals?

33 mps

How do you work out the speed of an object?

speed equals distance divided by time (S = d/t) speed equals distance divided by time (S = d/t) speed equals distance divided by time (S = d/t)

What is the acceleration between t equals 0 and t equals 3?

Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity; without knowing the change in velocity between t=0 and t=3, the acceleration cannot be worked out.

Can you help Find a formula for s in terms of t if s is proportional to the square root of t and s equals 118 when t equals 46 Enter an exact answer?

s = 11*t/sqrt(46).

3 equals t in a t?

3 = Teaspoons in a Tablespoon

2 equals it t to t?

It Takes 2 to Tango

What is the answer to -t plus 2 equals 12?


What is the value of DD equals rt r equals 60 mph t equals 2 hours?

r = 60 m/h t = 2 h D = r t = (60m/h) x (2h) = 120 mi

Given that T equals RV find R if T equals 4 and V equals 8?

T = RV 4 = R8 4/8 = R R = 1/2

Who discovered A equals T and C equals G?

Erwin Chargaff