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a hexagonal prism

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Q: What is a 3d shape that has faces that are rectangles and bases that are hexagons?
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What shape has to bases that are hexagons and the other faces are rectangles?

a hexogonal prism

What is a prims that has two hexagons bases and the other faces rectangles?

it is called a hexagonal prism prisms are named by the shape of their bases

What shape has pentagons as bases and rectangles as faces?


How many faces 3d hexagon?

8 * * * * * There is no 3-D shape made from regular hexagons. The previous answer may refer to a hexagonal prism. But that is not a 3-D hexagon: the shape has two hexagonal faces and six rectangles - not just hexagons.

What shape has two bases that are rectangles and at least two faces that are not squares?

A prism.

What shape is a prism with 2 hexagon bases and the other faces are rectangles?

Hexagonal Prism

What shape does 8 rectangles and 2 hexagons make?


What form the bases of a prism?

The faces are always rectangles on prisms, so if it's a triangular prism the bases are triangles; if it's a rectangular prism, the bases are rectangles; if it's a hexagonal prism, the bases are hexagons. Any polygon can form the base of a prism. Some people also consider cylinders to be circular prisms. In which case any closed plane shape can form the base of a prism.

How many faces would a 3D shape have whose faces were hexagons?

There cannot be a 3-d shape all of whose faces are regular hexagons.---that claim above is not true, because for example a classic soccerball consists of hexagons.

What shape is made up of 6 rectangles and 2 hexagons?

6 rectangles an 2 hexagon * * * * * A hexagonal prism.

What shape has 2 congruent hexagons and 6 congruent rectangles?

A hexagonal prism.

What shape has eight faces 12 vertices and two of these faces are hexagons?

a hevortex