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fraction for flipping one coin one time = 1/2

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2013-03-29 17:50:16
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Q: What is a fraction for flipping one coin one time?
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What is the probability of flipping a coin twice and it landing on heads exactly one time?

The answer is 1/2 , assuming the coin is fair.

The probability of flipping a coin three times and getting two heads is?

There are 8 permutations of flipping a coin 3 times, or of flipping 3 coins one time. They are, with the permutations of two heads bolded...TTTTTHTHTTHHHTTHTHHHTHHH... thus, the probability of flipping a coin 3 times and getting 2 heads is 3 in 8, or 0.375.

What are the sports that contain coin flipping?

cricket iz the only one i kno

What is the sample space for flipping a coin 3 times?

The sample space when tossing a coin three times is [HHH, HHT, HTH, HTT, THH, THT, TTH, TTT]It does not matter if you toss one coin three times or three coins one time. The outcome is the same.

How does volleyball begin?

Volleyball begins by flipping a coin. The coach's of the team pics one of the team players and they flip a coin who ever gets it right serves up first.

How many different outcomes are possible when flipping a coin and rolling a dice?

The coin can result in one of two possibilities. For each of those . . .The cube has 6 possibilities.Total possibilities for the coin and the cube = 2 x 6 = 12 .

Are the outcomes different if you toss 3 coins instead of tossing a coin 3 times?

Assuming that if you had 3 coins and they were all the same, then no, the outcomes would not be different than if you flipped the same coin 3 times. Flipping a coin has a 1/2 chance of landing on 1 face, and 1/2 chance that it will land on the other: -Flipping the same coin 3 times: 1/2 chance of the coin landing on one face -Flipping 3 coins one time each: Still 1/2 chance of each of the 3 coins landing on one face. These chance percentages are fairly vague. Of course there is an absolute minuscule percentage that the coin(s) could land on their side instead of either face or that one side could have a higher chance than the other, but the chances of that happening are so small there is no point complicating this answer and so extreme details like this are ignored.

Why is it called heads or tails when it is one coin Wouldn't it be called Head or Tail Singular instead of plural?

Referring to coin flipping, heads and tails are not plurals. They are old genitives, and could be written head's and tail's.

What is the probabilty of flipping a coin twice and not getting a heads?

If you flip a coin twice, there are four possible results:H HH TT HT T.The result you're interested in is one of the four possibilities.So its probability is 1/4 = 25% .

How can you be sure of getting the expected 5050 ratio from flipping a coin How are the face of a coin similar to genes?

You cannot be sure. Not sure how the faces of a coin are similar to genes. There are two and you will get one from each parent. One or the other will dominate. However, while heads and tails of a coin are equally "powerful", some genes are far more powerful (recessive) than others.

If you flip a coin and toss a one to six What is the probability of getting three heads?

The odds of flipping a coin and having it come up heads three times in a row is (1/2)*(1/2)*(1/2)=(1/8) or 12.5% ■

Has anyone ever flipped a coin 24 times and got all heads?

The probability of flipping a coin 24 times and getting all heads is less than 1 in 16 million. (.524) It would seem that no one has ever done that.

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