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It is a sequence of numbers such that the ratio of successive terms is a constant.

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Q: What is a geometrical sequnce?
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What are the different geometrical figures?

the different geometrical figures are hexagon nonagon decagon...........

What is the most efficient geometrical shape?

We cannot assess the efficiency of a geometrical shape unless we have a particular purpose in mind. You will have to state what you wish to efficiently do, by means of a geometrical figure.

What is the 25th term in the following sequnce -7 -2 3 8?


Does any spider build a geometrical shape web?

spiders do not build geometrical shape webs

What is geometrical line?

A geometrical straight line is infinite but if it has defined end points then it is a line segment.

What are geometrical solids?

a geometrical solid is like a cube all the side are the same and they bare all equal

Why does a tetrahedral complex of the type MA2B2 not show geometrical isomerism?

For Geometrical isomerism the free rotation about the bonds should be restricted so a double bonded or cyclic compound may show the geometrical isomerism.

What is the alkene that exhibits geometrical isomerism?

all the non terminal straight chain alkenes show the geometrical isomerism..

What is geometrical symmetry?

Geometrical symmetry is a mathematical term for a shape that, if torn in half, can be mirrored and restored to the shape again.

Displacement rotation of a geometrical figure in maths?

Displacement and rotation of a geometrical figure.....mayank contact me at my fb

What is a sequnce in gymnastics?

gymnastics moves that are joined together, they have to flow between each one though

What is Geometrical shapes?

== == == == geometrical shapes are shapes resembling or employing the simple rectilinear or curvilinear lines or figures used in geometry

What is a curve?

A geometrical curve is defined as any set of points. Therefore, counter-intuitively, a straight line is also a geometrical curve.

Is truss is kind of geometrical shape?

Yes. But any object is a geometrical shape of some sort. Even a blob is an irregular geometric shape!

What is the geometrical shape of equipotential surface due to single isolated charge?

what is the geometrical shape of equipotential surface due to single isolated charge

What has the author Max Herzberger written?

Max Herzberger has written: 'Modern geometrical optics' -- subject(s): Geometrical optics

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James P. C. Southall has written: 'Mirrors, prisms and lenses' -- subject(s): Geometrical optics 'The principles and methods of geometrical optics' -- subject(s): Geometrical optics

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Writing the source(s).Compilation and linkage.Execution.

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Hedron comes from the Greek -edron, which means having bases or a face of a geometrical form. It is used in the names of geometrical solid figures.

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A sphere.