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A percentage.

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Q: What is a part to whole comparison in which the whole is 100 called?
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What is a part to whole comparison?

I'm not sure what the question is asking? But, a part is a fraction of a whole. For instance: 1/2 is a half of a whole, or 50% of 100%

How do you find part if you have whole and percent?

Part = Whole*Percent/100

What Part of a whole is represented by a percent that is 100?

The whole part - all of it.

How do you find percent of total?

Divide a part of the whole by the whole and then multiply what you get by 100. This will give you the percentage of the part.

What is a percent used to calculate?

Part of a whole where the whole contains 100 units.

What is percentage?

percentage = part/whole X 100

What are 100 examples of whole to part?

1 % = 1 part of a 100. 2 % = 2 parts of a 100. and so on all the way down to 100% = 100 parts of a 100.

How does identifying the part and whole help you to write the percent portion?

Because a percentage is worked out thus: (the part/the whole) * 100 = the percentage portion. Thus if the part was 5 and the whole was 10 The percentage would be (5/10)*100 = 50%

How do you make 60 into 60 percent?

60% which is 60 over 100. Or a 60th part of a whole (the whole being 100% in this case).

How do you find whole when part and percent is known?

Divide 100 by the known percentage and multiply the result by the known part. This will calculate the whole. Example: £10 is equal to 25%. Thus the whole = (100/25) * 10 = £40.

How do you fine 100 percent of a number?

A percentage is a part of the whole. For example, 100% of 2000 is 2000.

What is the formular for presatages?

whole under part equals 100 out of the percentage

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