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There cannot be any rational"between" the same number.

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Q: What is a rational number between Y and Y?
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What is the states that an infinite number of rational numbers can be found between any two rational numbers?

That is the property of infinite density of rational numbers. If x and y are any two rational numbers then w = (x + y)/2 is a rational number between them. And then there is a rational number between x and w. This process can be continued without end.

If x is a rational number and y is a rational number than is x plus y rational?

If both numbers are rational then x plus y is a rational number

Show that the sum of rational no with an irrational no is always irrational?

Suppose x is a rational number and y is an irrational number.Let x + y = z, and assume that z is a rational number.The set of rational number is a group.This implies that since x is rational, -x is rational [invertibility].Then, since z and -x are rational, z - x must be rational [closure].But z - x = y which implies that y is rational.That contradicts the fact that y is an irrational number. The contradiction implies that the assumption [that z is rational] is incorrect.Thus, the sum of a rational number x and an irrational number y cannot be rational.

If you add a rational and irrational number what is the sum?

an irrational number PROOF : Let x be any rational number and y be any irrational number. let us assume that their sum is rational which is ( z ) x + y = z if x is a rational number then ( -x ) will also be a rational number. Therefore, x + y + (-x) = a rational number this implies that y is also rational BUT HERE IS THE CONTRADICTION as we assumed y an irrational number. Hence, our assumption is wrong. This states that x + y is not rational. HENCE PROVEDit will always be irrational.

What is the different between a rational and irrational number?

Rational numbers can be represented in the form x/y but irrational numbers cannot.

Is 65.4279 a rational number?

Yes, it is.

Is -9 a rational or irrational number?

Rational. A rational number, z, is any number that can represented in the formx/y = z

What is the example rational numbers?

Given any two integers, x and y, such that y is not 0, then x/y is a rational number. So for example, 3476/43 is a rational number.

How do you find a rational number between two rational numbers?

Suppose the two rational numbers are x and y.Then (ax + by)/(a+b) where a and b are any positive numbers will be a number between x and y.

What is the difference between integer and rational numbers?

An integer is a whole number: a countng number, zero or a negative counting number. That is, an element of the set {..., -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, ...}. A rational number is one that can be expressed in the form x/y where x and y are integers, and y is not zero.

Proof that square of any rational number is rational?

Consider a rational number, p.p is rational so p = x/y where x and y are integers.x is an integer so x*x is an integer, and y is an integer so y*y is an integer.So p2 = (x/y)2 = x2/y2 is a ratio of two integers and so is rational.

If x is rational and y is rational then xy is rational?

Yes, the product of two rational numbers is always a rational number.