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A star, cone, pyramid.

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Q: What is a solid figure with a point on top?
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What is a solid figure that has a flat polygon base that comes to a point on the top is?

A pyramid would fit the given description

A solid round figure?

A sphere. In Geometry, it is a round solid figure. Every point on it's surface is an equal distant from it's center.

What does the top down view of a solid figure mean?

It is the two-dimensional image of the solid figure when it is viewed from points above the object. In mathematical terms (projective geometry), it is the projection of the figure onto a horizontal plane using the point at infinity as the centre of projection.

What is the point of intersection of three edges of a solid figure?

That is the Vertex

The top side and front views of a solid figure are similar circles what shape is the solid?

A sphere?

What type of figure is a vertex of a cube?

It is the point of a dihedral (solid) angle.

Where do two faces of a solid figure meet?

It's called a point.

What is the corner point of an anglepolygon or a solid figure?

It is the vertex and its plural is vertices

A solid figure that has only 2 faces?

a cone!, It has a top and a bottom

What is A solid figure which include all points the same distance from a point?

A Sphere.

What solid figure has a square on the top a square on the front and a square on the side?

A cube.

Is cone a solid figure or plane figure?

A solid figure.

What is a vertices on a solid figure?

A vertex on a cube, for example, is where any three edges meet. On a pyramid (square type) it could be at the point on the top or the 4 bottom edges. :)

How do you figure out the edges on a solid figure?

You have to count the lines on a solid figure

How is the word 'sphere' defined?

A sphere is a solid figure in which every point is equidistant from a fixed point called the center.

Is a basketball a solid figure?

no a basketball is not a solid figure.

What are the vertices of the polygon?

A vertex is the point where three or more edges of a solid figure meet.

A solid figure that is the set of all points and that are the same distance from a given point is what?

A sphere

What is a solid figure with 4 identical faces that meet at one point?

it is a triangular pyrimid

What is the name of a solid figure that includes all points the same distance from a point?


What solid figure with 1 base that have 5 sides and faces that are 5 triangles?

a pentagonal pyramid it has five triangular sides that all meet at a point at the top. the base is a pentagon

What has a solid figure formed by a set of points that are all the same distance from a fixed point called the center?

A solid sphere perhaps?

Is a triangle a solid figure?

No- a triangle is a plane figure, not a solid.

Is a triangular a solid figure?

yes a triangle is a solid figure

What is the difference between a planefigure and a solidfigure?

The location of each point on a planar figure can be described with two coordinates.Each point in a solid figure requires threecoordinates to describe it's location.