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A whole positive or negative number is an integer which has no decimals or fractions.

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Q: What is a whole positive or negative number?
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Related questions

Whole number can be positive or negative?

yes it can be positive or negative.

Is a non-integer a non whole positive number or non negative number?

A non-integer can be positive or negative. It is not a whole number, and that is all.

Is every whole number is positive?

No, a whole number can be negative (or zero).

Is 0 a negative whole number?

No, zero is not negative or positive.

An integer is negative positive or?

An integer is any negative or positive whole number, or zero.

What square numbers are even and which square numbers are odd?

The square of every positive or negative even whole number is a positive even whole number. The square of every positive or negative odd whole number is a positive odd whole number. There are an infinite number of each kind.

Integer that is not a whole number?

no, integer is 0 or positive / negative whole number

What is positive whole number?

A positive number is one above zero, and a whole number is just that - whole - with no decimals or fractions and can be either positive or negative. An example of a positive whole number is 1, 2, 3, etc.

Can a natural and a whole number be negative?

no a natural number must be positive

Can some whole numbers be negative?

Yes. A whole number is a number negative or positive from 1 to infinity as long as it is not a fraction or decimal number.

Can a negative integer be greater than a positive integer explain?

no , because the negative integer is not a whole number. A whole number is greater than a negative ! (:

Is negative integer is a always a whole number?

No. A whole number is either 0 or a positive integer.

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