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an example would be if you had line AB who's points are (5,3) and another at (1,5). Connecting diagonally. If you were to put a vertical line anywhere between the points. it only goes through one point. Making it a function.

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Q: What is an example of a vertical line test?
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Can a one to one function not be a function?

"y = f(x) is a function if it passes the vertical line test. It is a 1-1 function if it passes both the vertical line test and the horizontal line test. " - In order to be a one-to-one function, it first has to BE a function and pass the vertical line test. For example, a relation on a graph like a circle that does not pass the vertical line test is not function nor one-to-one.

How do you use a vertical line test to determine if a graph represents a function?

A vertical test line is useful because, by definition, a function has one and only one result value for each input value. If you can find a vertical line that intersects the curve of the line, then it is not a function. A simple example is a circle.

What is the only type of line that is not a function?

A vertical line. Remember that one test to see if a relation is a function is the vertical line test. A vertical line would fail that of course.

What does a vertical line tell you?

A vertical line can be used to test whether or not a graph is a function.

What is an example of a vertical line?


What are the functions in storage tanks?

To test if a storage tank is a function you can use the vertical line test (i.e. if a vertical line can be drawn through the storage tank where it intersects more than one point it is NOT a function). For example: function= vuvu non-function= void (A vertical line intersects two parts of the 'd' and 'o'.)

Can you determine whether the inverse of a function is a function by using vertical line test?

Not quite. You can use a vertical line test on the graph of the inverse mapping, OR you can use a horizontal line test on the original graph. The horizontal line test is used in the same way.

Does a circle pass the vertical line test?

No. Because a vertical line will pass through two points on the graph.

How can you tell if a graph sHow is a function?

Test it by the vertical line test. That is, if a vertical line passes through the two points of the graph, this graph is not the graph of a function.

Is a vertical line an example of linear perspective?


How do you use the vetical line test to determine a function?

f(x) = x2 This is a function by the vertical line test because a vertical line drawn through this function will only intersect the function at one point

How does a vertical line look?

A vertical line is drawn parallel to the Y-Axis. An example of an equation that is a vertical line is x = 3. In architecture, it is drawn perpendicular to the horizon line, regardless of the aspect ratio.