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a triangle

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Wrong on at least two counts: A triangle need not be irregular and a triangle is not a three dimensional shape.

Any pyramid other than a regular triangular pyramid (tetrahedron), any prism other than a cube are some examples.

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Q: What is an irregular three dimensional shape?
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What type of three-dimensional shape is a pearl?

An irregular sphere-like shape.

How do you do volume of a irregular shape that is two dimensional?

If a shape is two dimensional it has NO volume - volume is an attribute of THREE dimensional shapes.If you meant the AREA of an irregular two dimensional shape, then divided it up into areas which are not irregular and so you can calculates them, and sum the areas of these non-irregular shapes.If you meant the volume of an irregular THREE dimensional shape, then a similar process can be followed by dividing it up into three dimensional shapes you can can calculate the volume of and summing them, though if it is an irregular object that you are physically holding, then you can find its volume by finding the increase in volume of a liquid (In a regular container) when the object is submerged into that liquid.

Is a tetrahedron a irregular triangle?

A tetrahedron is not an irregular triangle, it is a three dimensional shape, the simplest form of pyramid, with 4 triangular sides.

What is a irregular two dimensional shape?

i love sam that is a new shape

What is a three dimensional shape?

A three dimensional shape is a shape that exists in three dimensions. This means that the shape has height, width, and depth.

What is the name of a shape with three sides?

A two-dimensional shape with three sides is a triangle. A three-dimensional shape with three faces is a cylinder.

Does an oval have a three dimensional shape?

An oval is two-dimensional. An ovoid is a three-dimensional shape based on an oval - like an egg,

What is an egg-shaped three-dimensional shape called?

An egg-shaped, three-dimensional shape is an ovoid.

Is a cylinder a two-dimensonal shape or a three-dimensional shape?

Three-dimensional. It has height, width and depth.

Is a sphere a three dimensional shape?

A sphere is indeed a three dimensional shape. It is a circle rotated about an axis several times to create and three dimmensional object from a two dimensional shape.

What is the difference between two dimensional and three dimensional shapes?

Two dimensional shape has length and breadth Three dimensional shape has length, breadth and depth

What is a 6 sided irregular shape?

Any six sided 2-dimensional shape is a hexagon; in this case, 'irregular' is placed before it to indicate it is so.

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