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coresponding is lines

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Q: What is corresponding in math?
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What does corresponding mean in math?


What is the math symbol for corresponding sides?

The symbol is §

In math what is a corresponding root?

please give the context.

What does proportional mean in math?

Corresponding in size or an amount to something else.

What does cpctc mean in math?

'corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent'

What do you label area with in math?

Square units of the corresponding linear measurements.

In Math what is class frequency?

class frequency is the number of observations corresponding to a particular class.

What does corresponding angles mean in math terms?

When two lines are crossed by another line (called the Transversal): The angles in matching corners are called Corresponding Angles.

Help with math - similar shapes?

shapes where corresponding angles are the same and corresponding sides are in proportion. they are the same shape and one is either bigger or smaller than the other.

What are similar solids in math.?

These are solids whose corresponding sides are in the same proportion, and all its angles are equal.

What does corresponding in math mean?

If you mean angles here is the answer: Two angles in the same relative position on two lines when those lines are cut by a transversal Corresponding: Respond, Same, Equal

What are som facts about similarity in math?

The 2 polygons must have corresponding angles. They also must have equivalent ratios.

What does CPCTC mean in math terms?

CPCTC is an acronym for the phrase 'corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent' It means that once we know that two triangles are congruent, we know that all corresponding sides and angles are congruent.

What is meant by the determinant of a math equation?

A single math equation does not have a determinant. A system of equations (3x3 , 4x4, etc.) will have a determinant. You can find a determinant of a system by converting the system into a corresponding matrix and finding its determinant.

What is 30 percent of an angle corresponding to the percent of a circle?

5 percent i got it off of the worlds best math book so trust me

What is the corresponding noun for real?

The word real itself can be a noun; a word for a thing that is actual, in math a real number, or a coin of Brazil. To quote Morpheus, "Welcome to the desert of the real."The corresponding noun for the adjective real is realness. Another noun form is reality.

I need a A math question that contains the word appears?

Ok, here is one: It appears that the two lines are parallel, use the corresponding angles and a transveral to prove it.

What polygons that have corresponding angels congruent and corresponding sides proportional?

polygons that have corresponding angles congruent and corresponding sides proportional

What is the definition of diagonal in math?

A diagonal is a straight line joining any two non-adjacent vertices in a polygon or polyhedron or corresponding shapes in higher dimensional spaces.

What is AAA in math?

In geometry when comparing two triangles, if all three angles of each triangle are congruent to corresponding angles in the other triangle, then both triangles are similar.

What is a sentence for the word corresponding?

Corresponding means similar in character, form or functions.We discovered our corresponding viewpoints.Find the corresponding angles in the transversal?

If two rectangles are similar then the corresponding sides are?

If two rectangles are similar, they have corresponding sides and corresponding angles. Corresponding sides must have the same ratio.

What is an adjacent corresponding angle?

an adjacent corresponding angle is an angle which is adjacent to a particular angle as well as corresponding.

What is congruent polygon?

Their corresponding angles and corresponding sides are congruent.

What are two angles that occupy corresponding positions?

corresponding angles