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In mathematics infinity is a defined numeric quantity greater in magnitude than any finite numeric quantity, whereas undefined refers simply to something lacking a definition (e.g. the result of division by zero is undefined, not infinity). If you study set theory, you will find there are many different infinities some greater in magnitude than others. Infinity though defined is not a simple concept.

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Q: What is difference between 'infinity' and 'undefined'?
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Which is greater infinity or undefined?

both are equal... infinity is the representation of undefined.

What is the math sign for undefined?

The mathematical symbol for "undefined" is the infinity symbol.

What is the value of log 0?

Value of log 0 is negative infinity (undefined). Because no power can give an answer of zero. it is in fact undefined but written as negative infinity for symbolizing. Otherwise undefined and infinity are two different things.

What is infinity divided by 2?

It would be infinity. If you divide zero by 1, you'll get infinity (or undefined, depending on how specific you want to be.) If you divide zero by 2, you'll still get infinity. There is no difference, no matter what you divide it by as long as it is a positive number.

Why does zero to a negative power yield infinity rather than undefined?

It IS undefined.

What is the difference between a line that has a zero slope and a line that has a undefined slope?

zero is horizontal, undefined is vertical

What is the difference between 0 and infinity?

Zero is nothing, infinity is everything.

What is the difference between 20 and infinity?

The difference is infinity. Infinity is the concept of the largest possible number. Even if you take 20 away the number will still be infinity.

What do you call the number if the dinominator is zero?

undefined (infinity)

What is the limit of infinity over zero?

infinity? Infinity over zero is undefined, or complex infinity depending on numbers you are including in your number system.

Are undefined numbers real numbers?

By its very name .. it is UNDEFINED. Even in the Extended Real Number set containing +-infinity these elements are UNDEFINED.

Why is infinity minus infinity undefined?

Infinity is a concept, not an actual number. Someone may say the number of stars is infinite, or that the number of fractions between 0 and 1 is infinite, or that the number of even numbers is infinite. But these are not things that can be subtracted.