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8-(+3) = 5

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Q: What is positive eight minus positive three?
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What is positive eight minus negative three?

11 positive 11 positive 11

What is negative three minus positive eight?

-3 - 8 is the same as -3 + -8 which is -11.

Is zero minus a positive eight a negative eight?


What is positive seven minus positive three?

. 4

What is positive five minus 2 plus three?

Positive five minus 2 plus three is equal to six.

What is negative two minus positive eight?

-2 minus 8 is -10.

What does positive seven minus positive three equal?

positive 4

What is eight minus three?


What does positive seven minus negative eight equal?


What is negative forty eight minus positive 8?


What is the answer of positive three minus negative one?

3 minus -1 is 4.

What is minus minus positive?

A minus by a minus by a positive gives a positive.

What is positive 8 minus 5?

Positive 8 minus 5, also written as (8 - 5) is equal to three.

Positive three minus negative 8?


What is positive three minus negative four?


What is negative four minus positive three?


What is negative nine minus positive eight?

-9 - 8 = -17

What is nine minus four and three elevenths?

nine minus four and three elevenths is four and eight elevenths

What is two and three eighths minus eight?


What is eight minus 2 and three fourths?


What is eight and three fourths minus by two and one fourth?

Eight and three fourths minus by two and one fourth equals six and one fourths (6.5).

What is eight and eleven sixteenths minus eight and three sixteenths?

8 8/16 or eight and eight sixteenths

Why is minus plus minus equal to a positive number?

A minus plus a minus is not necessarily positive. A minus multiplied by a minus is. The reason being that the minus of a minus is a positive. It's a double negative.

What is eight fourteenths minus three sevenths?

The answer is One Seventh

Positive 5 minus positive 3?

Well, since they are both positives, you would just take 5 minus three which would equal 2.