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5/24 times 96 = 20

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Q: What is r multiplied by 96 equals 20?
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-9 equals 20 plus r?


-9r equals 20 plus r?

-9r = 20 + rsubtract r from both sides-10r = 20divide both sides by -10r = -2

Pi is the ratio of a circles circumfrance to its what?

diameter ------------- Diameter. The R (radius) of a circle multiplied by two equals the diameter.

When 2 or more numbers r multiplied each number is called?

Multiplicand times multiplier equals product.

What is the answer to 5r - 20 equals 40?

r=12 Work: 5r-20=40 5r=60 r=12

Rยฒ plus r-20 equals 0?

r2 + r - 20 = 0(r + 5)(r - 4) = 0r + 5 = 0 or r - 4 = 0r = -5 or r = 4

What is r equals r equals r?

the answer is r.

What is 4 multiplied by pie multiplied by r?

approx 12.5664r

20 equals Y S by R V W?

20 years sleep by Rip Van Winkle.

What is the highest and lowest value 6 letter words for example CHATTER c equals 3 h equals a equals 1 t equals 20 t equals 20 e equals 5 r equals 18?

I'd guess at the word tzitzi like the sauce.

What is 5r plus 20 equals 40?

It is a linear equation in the variable r.

If r equals 5z then 15z equals 3y then r equals?

if r=5z and 15z =3 then r=10y

What is formula for volume of cylinder?

pi multiplied by r squared multiplied by height

If r equals 5z and 15z equals 3y - then r equals?

It would appear that r = y

What is the circumference if r equals 20yd?

(20 X 20) X 3.14 = 1256 yards Pi = 3.14 Circumference = 1256yd

What is the unit digit of the product if 100 7s r multiplied?

what is the unit digit of the product if hundred 7"s r multiplied

If r equals 5 z then 15 z equals 3 y then r equals?


What r?

It equals R.

What is the answer of R equals 11m C equals?

The answer depends on what R and C are.

If all the dimensions of a one liter bottle are tripled what is the volume of the new bottle?

27 litres If the current volume is calculated by the formula Π multiplied by r2 multiplied by h Then the new volume will be calculated by Π multiplied by (3r)2 multiplied by 3h As (3r)2 = 9(r)2, then the two changes to the formula are that it has been multiplied by 9 and by 3, and that equals a 27-fold increase.

What is another way to write r multiplied by r?

r2 or r to the power 2 or just r squared.

What times what equals 400?

There are infinitely many possible answers. One such is 1*400

Which value of r indicates a stronger correlation r equals 0.834 or r equals -0.925?

r = -0.925 is stronger.

If r equals 5z then 15z equals 3 y then r equals?

r = 5z 15z = 3y (divide by 3 to both sides) 5z = y r = y

What is the circumference of 96 square feet?

I assume you mean a circle having an area of 96 square feet. A=Pi*r^2 C=2*Pi*r, Pi=3.14159265 So, 96=Pi*r^2 .. r = sqrt(96/Pi) ~= 5.5279 C=2*Pi*r = 2*Pi*5.5279 ~= 34.7328 feet If you mean the perimeter of a square with the area 96 feet2, then this will have a perimeter of 39.2 feet