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the answer is eight and six fifteenths

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Q: What is six and four ninthths plus two and two sixths?
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What is two and two sevenths plus six and five sixths?

two and two sevenths plus six and five sixths is 52.

What is nine and five sixths plus six and five sixths?


Is four sixths equal to six eighths?


How many sixths are in 3 halves?

There are nine sixths because one whole equals six sixths and one half equals three sixths. So, six sixths plus three sixths equals nine sixths! Hope I helped!

What is two thrids plus four six?

Two thirds plus four sixths is one and one third. 2/3 + 4/6 = 1 1/3

What is four in a half plus three and five six?

"What is four and a half plus three and five sixths": Eight and one third (8 1/3)

What is five sixths plus six?

it 6 and 5/6

What is four sixths of six?

4/6 of 6 is 4.

Is six tenths greater than four sixths?


Is five sevenths bigger than four sixths?

Yes. Six sevenths is 88%. Five sixths is 83.4%.

What is two and five sixths divided by six and four fifths?

2.125 is the answer

What is one and two thirds add four and five sixths?

Before you can add fractions, you first need to convert the fractions so they have common denominators. Two thirds is equal to four sixths, so now we can add the fractions that have common denominators. Four sixths and five sixths equals eleven sixths, or one and five sixths left over. Now, add your whole, four and the one gained when we converted the fraction equals six and five sixths.

What is four and one third times one and one half?

six and three sixths or six and one half

Is three fifths less than three sixths?

yes, because three sixths is a half, cause three plus three is six, not five.

Oneand one sixth minus five sixth?

Oneand one sixth is six sixths (one in total) plus one sixth - or seven sixths. So seven sixths minus 5 sixths is 2 sixths which can also be expressed as one third.

What is six and two thirds minus four and five sixths?

1 and 5/6

What is six and two thirds subtracted by four and five sixths?

1 and 5/6

What is 2 and five sixths divided by six and four fifths?

3 and 4 5ths

What does 2 3rds plus four sixths equal?

2 + 4 =24 or ONE six 18th or ONE and one 3rd 3 6 18

What is six sixths Minus five sixths?


How many sixths are in a whole?

There are six sixths in a whole. In terms of numbers, 6/6 = 1.

What is two plus four?

Two plus Four equals SIX not Nine!!!!!!!

Is one sixth less than one third?

Yes. One sixth is one half of one third to be exact. Two-sixths are equal to one-third, three-sixths is a half, four-sixths is two-thirds, five-sixths is exactly what it is, and six-sixths is a whole.

Five sixths times two and two thirds times three?

four two over six

How many sixths in two six?

By "Two six" I think you mean 12. That is 72 sixths. If you mean twenty six, that is 6x26 =156