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The LCM is 2x + y

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the LCM of 2x plus y and 2x plus y?
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Factor 2x squared plus 2x plus xy plus y?

2x squared plus 2x plus xy plus y or 2x(x+1) + y(x+1) or (x+1)(2x+y)

Y 2x-5 Y 2x plus 7?

Y = 2x-5 and Y = 2x plus 7 is a linear system which intersects at points (-2,2)

Factor 2x squared - 2x plus xy - y?


Y plus 2x equals 0 solve for y?

y= -2x

Y equals 2x plus 1?

Y = 2x + 1

Factor 2x squared -2x plus xy-y?


What is Y equals 2x plus 5 in standard form?


What is the factor of 2x2-2x plus xy-y?

(x - 1)(2x + y)

2x plus z plus y plus 3x-z?

It is 5x+y

Find the slope and the y-intercept what linear equation. Then graph 2x plus y equals -3?

2x plus y = -3 (subtract 2x from both sides) y = -2x - 3 slope = -2 y-intercept = -3

Write 2x plus y 7 in slope-intercept form.?

2x + y = 7y = -2x + 7

How do you rewrite this equation so that y is a function of x 2x plus y equals 5?

Solve for y.2x+y=5*subtract 2x from both sides*2x+y-2x=5-2xy=-2x+5 / y=5-2x

Factor xy plus 2x plus 4y plus 8?

xy plus 2x plus 4y plus 8 or (xy+2x) + (4y+8) or x(y+2) + 4(y+2) or (x+4)(y+2)

What is the slope of 2x plus y equals 20?

2x + y = 20 y = -2x + 20 Slope = -2 m=-2

Which line is parallel to y equals -2x plus 6?

[ y = -2x + any other number ] is parallel to [ y = -2x + 6 ].

X plus y plus x equals?

x + y + x = 2x + y

2x plus y equals 1 2x - y equals -5?

(-1, 3)

What is 2x plus y equals 9 in slope intercept form?


Why cant 2x plus y equals 2xy?

Because 2x+y is addition not multiplication

What is y-2x plus 3 equals 0 in standard form?

It is: y = 2x-3

How do you factor 20x2 plus 22xy plus 6y2?

20x2 + 22xy + 6y2 = 20x2 + 10xy + 12xy + 6y2 = 10x(2x + y) + 6y(2x + y) = (2x + y)(10x + 6y) = 2(2x + y)(5x + 3y)

What is x plus 2y-2x-y equals .?

X + ( 2Y - 2X - Y ) is equal to Y - X

What is the answer to -2x plus Y?

It is -2x + Y. For anything more you would need to know the values of x and/or Y.

-2x plus 4y -4 find the y?

The value of y in the equation -2x plus 4y -4, is 1 plus x/2.

What is Solve By Subtitution y0.5x plus 2 -y-2x plus 4?

When using substitution the answer to y0.5x plus 2 -y-2x plus 4 is y = -2 (x-1.