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Q: What is the absolute pressure at 20 meters under water?
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The absolute pressure in the ocean at 53 feet is?

53 feet = 16.154 4 meterthe water pressure at 16.154 4 meters = 1.61544 bars + 1 bar of atmospheric pressure makes the absolute pressure = 2.62 bars.

How many psi pressure in 30 meters of water?

Just under 60 psi at 30m

What is the absolute pressure at 17 fsw?

The determine the pressure at 17 feet under sea water (FSW) you need to calculate the pressure at sea level which is 14.7psi. Then add .0447 per foot under sea level. S0 14.7psi added to 17*(.0445). it would equal 22.265 psi or the absolute pressure.

What type of pressure is defined as gauge water pressure plus atmospheric air pressure?


Ten bar pressure is equal to how much depth in maters?

In water, every 10 meters you go down, the pressure increases by 1 bar, approximately. To this you must add the air pressure, which is also approximately 1 bar (depending on whether you want gauge pressure or absolute pressure).

What is the water pressure at 406 meters deep in psi?

406 meters / 1,332.02 feet of water depth has a pressure of about 39.3 atmospheres or 577.6 psi.

Why is there more pressure in the deep water?

Water pressure is caused by the weight of the water that is above it. At deeper levels there is more water above you. So there is more mass pressing on the water you are in. Pressure does not depend on the width, only on the depth. It is the same in a large basin as it is in an equally high pipe. On the surface there is also atmospheric pressure, because the atmosphere (the air) also has mass. This pressure must be added to the water pressure. It is roughly the same as 10 meters of water pressure. So, at 10 meters under water you have twice as much pressure than at the surface, at 20 meters three times as much, and so on. Seawater is heavier than freshwater, because there is salt in it. So the water pressure for every meter of depth in the sea is slightly higher than it is in a lake.

What is the recommended water pressure in meters head of water at the basin tap?

The recommended water pressure is 0.5 to 1 bar

What is the water pressure for 400 meters?

About 600psi or 41atm

Is 2 ATM the water pressure at 20 meters?

3 ATM at 20 meters.

What is the pressure under ninety meters of water?

The hydrostatic pressure, which is counted with (density*gravitational acceleration*height) is about 1000kg/m3*9.8m/s2*90m = 882 000Pa now you add the pressure ontop of the water, which normally is the atmospheric pressure (~100000Pa) and you get 982000Pa.Also, do your own homework :3

What is the water pressure at 13000 feet under water?

The pressure is 394 atm.