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Q: What is the answer of 4cm 3cm 3cm 13cm 8cm 5cm?
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What is the area of a polygon with 12cm 3cm 8cm 5cm 4cm?

The lengths of the sides does not provide enough information to answer the question.

How do you find the perimeter of something?

To find the perimeter of something all you have to do is, MEASURE THE DISTANCE AROUND THE OBJECT, for example if you have a triangle and the left side is 8cm, the right side is 5cm, and the bottom is 3cm, add the three measurements, 8cm + 5cm + 3cm = 16cm

What are all the possible rectangles with a perimeter of 30cm and sides whose lengths are whole numbers?

Dimensions are given out as length by width 14cm by 1cm 13cm by 2cm 12cm by 3cm 11cm by 4cm 10cm by 5cm 9cm by 6cm 8cm by 7cm And the rest is all repeats of the above.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle 13Cm by 8Cm?


What triangle length are 14cm 3cm 8cm?

It is impossible to get a triangle with the side lengths 14cm, 3cm and 8cm 14cm itself is larger than the sum of two other lengths (3cm + 8cm = 11cm).

What is the surface of a rectangular prism that has 8cm length 5cm width and 3cm height?


What is the largest angle of a triangle having lengths of 4cm by 8cm by 5cm?

The largest angle will be opposite length 8cm and by using the cosine rule it works out as 125.1 degrees rounded to one decimal place

What l shape has an area of 8cm?

A rectangle that is 2cm by 4cm has an area of 8cm. It also has a perimeter of 12cm.

What can the width and length be of a rectangle with a perimeter of 14cm?

There are a few possibilities:if the length was 5cm then two lengths = 10cmthat leaves 4cm (14cm - 10cm) for the two sides, each side would be 2cm.if the length was 4cm then two lengths = 8cmthat leaves 6cm (14cm - 8cm) for the two sides = each side would be 3cmBy making the lengths different sizes you can calculate the length of the corresponding sides.

What is the perimeter for 8cm 6cm 2cm 5cm 3cm 8cm?

The perimeter of a closed shape is its the lengths of all of it's sides added together. 8+6+2+5+3+8=32 cm. xx effy

How many mls in a carton 6cm 4cm 8cm?

That will be 192mls.

What is the area of 8cm and 3cm?


What is the area of a triangle with a length of 8cm and a height of 3cm?

The area is 12cm2

How big is samsung galaxys screen?

5cm wide and 8cm tall

What is the area of 11cm 3cm 8cm 5cm 8cm?

The lengths of the sides of any shape, other than a triangle or regular polygon do not provide enough information to calculate the area. In the same way that a square can be flexed into a rhombus and the rhombus can then be flattened so that its area changes, the information given in the question is not adequate.

What would be the mass of a gold brick that is 30cm long 8cm wide and 4cm tall?


What is the diameter of a circle whose radius is 4cm?

radius=4cm diameter=8cm *radius is half the diameter

What is the surface area of a rectangle that is 5cm by 12cm by 8cm?

598 cm squared

What is the area of 5cm and 8cm?

40 cm2

What is the volume of a cuboid with base 8cm by 8cm and height 3cm?

lwh=V 8*8*3=192 square centimeters.

If the diameter is 8cm how long is its radius?

Its radius would be 4cm long. You split it in half.

How high is a gerbil?

If they are on all fours then about, 8cm. If they are standing up straight on their hind legs then, I'd say about 13cm

What is the area of a triangle 4cm by 8cm?

It depends on the length of the third side.

How much water would a 13cm by 10cm by 8cm object displace?

An object would displace an amount of water equal to its volume. The volume of the object is given by the product of its height, length, and width. V = l*h*w V = 13cm*10cm*8cm = 1040cm3

How long monarch butterfly?

A Monarch butterfly's length can range from about 4cm as a baby to about 8cm as a full adult.