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If you multiplied all the terms by y2, you could simplify this to -3y3.

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the answer to this problem 3 minus y over y to the second power minus 2y minus 3?
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X to the 2nd power minus 4x over x to the second power minus 16 divided by x to the 2nd power plus 2x minus 24 over x to the 2nd power minus 2x minus 24?

Would you mind typing it out for me? I don't quite understand exactly what you are asking. For example, x to the second power minus 4x over x to the second power minus 16 would be... x^2-4x/x^2-16 Do you mind typing it out like that? Because what you wrote makes no sense at all.

What is seven over sixteen minus five over eight?

-3/16 since the answer is negative (the second number is larger) and the problem is subtraction you minus the second number from the first then make the answer negative and you have the answer

What is w to the second power over w-6 multiplied by w to the second power minus 4w -12 over w2 minus 3w?

Type this: ((w^2)/(w-6))((w^2-4w-12)/(w^2-3w) Into It will give you the answer (too much for this box).

What is 5 over 8 minus 5 over 24?

The answer to the problem of 5/8 minus 5/24 is 5/12. In decimal form it is 0.41666.

What is 2x over 3xto the second power divided by 4x over 6x to the second power?

2x 2x to the second

What is three to the power of minus one is?

3^-1 = 1 over (3 to the power of 1) = 1/3, one third. a minus power is the same as a normal power but with a 1 above it.

How do you solve x over x minus 2 minus 3 over 2?

x over x is one, so the problem would be 1-2-3/2=-5/3

What is an answer to an algebra problem when performing the indicated operation 10 over 12 minus 2 over 8?


What does 10 to the minus 3 power mean?

10 to the power 3 means 10*10*10, or 1000 10 to the power MINUS 3 means 1 over 10 to the power 3, so 1/1000.

What is 16 to the power of minus 6?

it is 1/16777216 because you just do 16 to the power of 6 then put a one over it

What does 2 to the power of 5 over 2 minus 2 to the power of 3 over 2 equal?

(2^5)/2 - (2^(3/2)) = 12

What is the answer for 3 over a plus 2 over a to the second power minus 1 over a to the third power?

a≠ 0,LCD = a33/a + 2/a2 - 1/a3= (3/a)(a2/a2) + (2/a2)(a/a) - 1/a3= 3a2/a3 + 2a/a3- 1/a3= (3a2 + 2a -1)/a3

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