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The answer to x4+x3-14x2+4x+6 divided by x-3 is x3+4x2-2x-2

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Q: What is the answer to x4 plus x3 minus 14x2 plus 4x plus 6 divided by x minus 3?
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4x squared plus 12x minus 40 divided by x minus 2?

4x + 20

4x squared plus 12x minus 40 divided by 4x plus 20?

x - 2

What is the solution to 5x plus 6 divided by 6x minus 4x minus 7 divided by 6x?

x = 0,1

What is the answer when 12x3-14x2-14x-2 is divided by 4x plus please you keep getting a decimal answer?

(3x2 - 5x - 1)

What is the quotient when the polynomial 2x4 minus 9x3 plus 13x2 minus 15x plus 9 is divided by the polynomial x minus 3?

2x^3 - 3x^2 + 4x - 3

What is the remainder when x raised 102 plus 4x is divided by x minus 1?


How do you factor completely over the set of polynomials with integral coefficients x4-4x3 plus 14x2-4x plus 13?

(x^2 + 1)(x^2 - 4x + 13)

What is x plus 4x plus 5?

minus 1

What is the inverse function of the equation y equals 4x plus 9 Divided by 2x minus 3?

y = (4x+9)/(2x+3)2xy+3y = 4x+93y-9 = 4x-2xy3y-9 = x(2-2y)x = (3y-9)/(2-2y)So, inverse function is 3x minus 9 divided by 2 minus 27.

What is 8 x plus 2 minus 4x plus 7 simplified as?

This would simplify as 4x-5

What is 7x squared minus 4x minus 5x squared plus 2x?

7x2 -4x -5x2 +2x = 2x2 -2x

How do you factor 4x squared minus 4x plus 1?

(2x-1)(2x-1) = 4x^2 -4x + 1

What is 10x plus 3y minus 4x minus 7y equals?

6x - 4y

What is 9x minus 5 plus 4x minus 10 equals 180?

It is possible.

How do you factor 4x squared minus 21x plus 5?

(4x - 1)(x - 5)

What is 4x squared plus x minus 2 in factored form?


What is a factor of 4x squared minus 7x plus 3?

(4x - 3)(x - 1)

Combine 8x plus 5z minus 4x plus 3z plus 6?

8x + 5z - 4x + 3z + 6 = 8x - 4x + 5z + 3z - 6 = 4x + 8z - 6

Why 4x plus 6 is the answer in x minus 5 plus 3x plus 11?

Because (x plus 3x) is 4x, and (-5 + 11) is 6.

What is -4x plus 2y plus 7x plus 6y minus 10x?


What is the simplified expression of -1 plus 4x plus 6x minus 20?

-1 + 4x + 6x - 20 =10x - 19

What is the answer to x cubed plus 4x squared minus 9x minus 36 divided by x plus 3?

Dividend: x3+4x2-9x-36 Divisor: x+3 Quotient: x2+x-12

What is the quotient of the polynomial 4x exponent four minus x cubed plus 17x squared plus 11x plus 4 when divided by the expression 4x plus 3?

x3-x2+5x-1 with remainder 7, which the final answer would be written as:x3-x2+5x-1+[7/(4x+3)]

What is x squared minus 4x plus 2?

It is a quadratic expression

Quadratic formula for 2x - 11x - 1 equals 0?

(11 plus or minus the square root of 129) divided by 4x = 5.589454172900137x = -0.0894541729001368