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Area is 584.24cm²

Perimeter is 88cm

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Q: What is the area and perimeter of a square whose side measures 11cm?
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What is the perimeter of a 11cm x 10cm rectangle?

what is the perimeter of a 11cm x 10cm rectangle answer 42

What is the length of the missing leg of a right triangle whose hypotenuse has measure 5cm and whose other leg measures 11cm?

square root of -96, which is imaginary. No such triangle is possible in this universe.

What is the area and the perimeter of 11Cm by 4Cm?

Area : 44cm² Perimeter : 30cm

How many square inches is 11cm x 17.5cm?

11cm x 17.5cm = 192.5 square centimeters which is 29.837559675119 square inches.

What is the perimeter of a shape?

The perimeter is the total distance around the outside of a 2D shape. You calculate it by adding all the lengths of the sides together.So, for example.If I had a rectangle, the length was 11cm, and the width was 5cm.To work out the perimeter of this rectangle, I would simply add all the sides together. So, 11cm+11cm+5cm+5cm=33cmSimple! Hope I helped!

What the area of a square with 11cm and 8cm?

88cm2, but it's a rectangle, not a square.

What is the base of a parallelogram whose height is 4cm and whose area is 44cm?

Its base is: 44/4 = 11cm

What is a area of a rectangle that measures 11cm by 30cm?

330cm^2 (three hundred and thirtycentimeterssquared)

What is 6 cm times 11cm?

66 square centimeters is.

How do you find the perimeter with one side missing?

14cm and 11cm what is the missing side using pythagorean theorem

Convert 102 square meters 11cm thick into cubic meters?


What is the area of circle when diameter is 11cm?

94.985 or approximately 95 square centimeter.

What is the area of a triangle with base 10cm and height 11cm?

55 square centimeters

What is the area of a circle with a 11cm radius?

pi*112 = 380 square cm

What is 11cm equals how many mm?


What is the area of a square with a side of 11cm?

11 cm x 11 cm = 121 cm2

What 11cm x 5cm?

11cm x 5cm = 55cm2.

What is the perimeter for 2Cm 2Cm 2Cm 3Cm 5Cm and 11Cm?

Assuming the measurements given are the lengths of the sides of a hexagon, the perimeter is 2 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 5 + 11 = 25 cm.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle with length of 11 cm and with of 4 cm?

To calculate the perimeter of a rectangle, you need to add together the length of each side of the rectangle. For a rectangle that is 11cm x 4cm, you would add these numbers together, then multiply it by 2 (this is because there are two sides that are 11cm and two sides that are 4cm). Thus: (11+4) x 2 = 30cm.

What is the circumference of a circle with the diameter of 11cm?

11cm * pi 34.5575192 centimeters

What is a triangle with sides 11cm 15cm 11cm?


What is circumference of a circle if the raduis is 11cm?

The circumference of a circle, if the radius is 11cm, is about 69.12cm

What are all the possible rectangles with a perimeter of 30cm and sides whose lengths are whole numbers?

Dimensions are given out as length by width 14cm by 1cm 13cm by 2cm 12cm by 3cm 11cm by 4cm 10cm by 5cm 9cm by 6cm 8cm by 7cm And the rest is all repeats of the above.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle with one side 11cm if it has an area of 33cm?

The area cannot be 33 cm because the area is measured in SQUARE units of length. That is, square centimetres. The question, therefore, is based on a nonsensical premise. Assume though, that the area is 33 cm2. Then, if one side is 11 cm, the other must be 33/11 = 3 cm. Then the perimeter is 2*(11+3) = 2*14 = 28 cm.

Two adjacent sides of a right angled triangle are 11cm and 60cm the perimeter of circumference of this triangle is?

It could be 377.0 cm or 383.3 cm depending on which two adjacent sides.

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