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560 square feet

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Q: What is the area of a hexagon with a side length of fourteen feet?
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What is area of hexagon with perimeter of 24 feet?

The area of a hexagon with a perimeter of 24 feet is about 41.6 square feet.

What is the area of a hexagon with side of 6 feet?

36 feet

The floor of a room is fourteen feet long by fourteen feet wide How many square feet of carpet are needed to cover the floor?

196 square feet. To calculate square feet simply multiply length by width - the result is the area in square feet.

Which triangle will have an area of fourteen square feet?

there are an infinite number of triangles that have fourteen square feet

How do you find area of a hexagon side 9 feet?

Assuming this is a regular hexagon, with all sides and all angles the same.The area of a regular hexagon of side length is given byA = 3 * (square root of 3) / 2 * t squared, where t = side. This is approximately equal to 2.598076211 * t2With t = 9 feet, the Area = 2.598076211 * 9 * 9 = 210.444173square feet

What is the volume of a cube with side length fourteen feet?

2744 cubic feet

A regular hexagon has sides of 2 feet What is the area of the hexagon?

About 10.39 square feet.The formula is A = 3/2 (sqrt 3) s2(this is about 2.598 times the side length squared)

What is the length of each side of an equal-sided hexagon if its diameter is 6 feet?

Three feet.

What is the length of a rectangle if the area is 132 square feet and the width is 1q feet?

Area = Length * Width So Length = Area / Width Length = 132/1q = 132/q feet

What is the formula in getting area in square feet?

Area is length times width. If the length and width are measured in feet, the area will be in square feet.

What is the length of a triangle which has a length of 10 feet and area of 80 square feet?

Its length is 10 feet.

What is the width of a rectangle if its area is 16 square feet and its length is 8 feet?

area = length x width width = area/length 16/8 = 2 feet

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