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Your average speed is 18.67 miles per hour.

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Q: What is the average speed in 26.2 miles if run in 1hour 24 minutes and 11 seconds?
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Related questions

What is 3.47 miles in 22 minutes and 56 seconds?

3.47 miles in 22 minutes and 56 seconds equates to an average speed of 9.08 miles per hour.

How many minutes to drive 1.6 miles?

At an average 30 mph: 3 minutes, 12 seconds

How many hours is 64 miles?

At 60 miles per hour, it's one hour and four minutes.

What miles per hours Rowed 3.1064 miles in 22 minutes 55 seconds?

3.1064 miles in 22 minutes 55 seconds equates to an average speed of 8.13 miles per hour.

How many miles per hour is it if you run the mile in 4 minutes 32 seconds?

If you run a mile in 4 minutes and 32 seconds, you average 13.235 miles per hour.

If run 26 miles in 3hourshow many minutes average for each mile?

26 miles in three hours is an average of about 6 minutes 55 seconds per mile.

How long to travel 11 miles BY CAR?

Depends how fast you drive, how much traffic is on the streets, how you hit the lights, etc. If you average 5 mph . . . 2hours 12minutes If you average 10 mph . . . 1hour 6minutes If you average 15 mph . . . 44 minutes If you average 20 mph . . . 33 minutes If you average 30 mph . . . 22 minutes If you average 60 mph . . . 11 minutes

How fast do you need to run 1.84 miles to average an 815 mile?

To average 8 minutes and 15 seconds per mile, you would need to complete 1.84 miles in 15:10.8 There are 495 seconds in 8:15 (8*60+15)=495 seconds 495 seconds * 1.84 = 910.8 seconds 910.8/60 = 15 minutes with remainder of 10.8 seconds

If you run 26 miles in 2 hours and 57 minutes about many minutes average each mile?

2hours 57 minutes = 177 minutes 177 minutes/26 miles= 6.80 minutes /miles 0.80 minutes x 60 seconds= 48 seconds Answer= 6:48 /mile

How fast is 2 minutes 20 seconds per mile?

A mile in 2 minutes 20 seconds equates to an average speed of 25.7 miles per hour.

If you ran 2.4 miles in 22 minutes and 23 seconds what was your average per mile?

The average speed was 6.433 mph.

How many hours does it take to travel 106 miles at 65 mph?

1hour 39 minutes

3 miles in 19 minutes 30 seconds how long does it take her to run a mile?

3 Miles in 19.5 minutes (19 minutes 30 seconds) is 1 mile in 6.5 minutes (6 minutes 30 seconds). (19.5 ÷ 3 = 6.5)That is based on her average speed. It is safe to assume that she can run one mile or just even the first of 3 miles in less time, probably around 6 minutes. That is a good pace! A 5k (five kilometers) run is about 3.107 miles. A mile in 6.5 minutes is the same as 3.107 miles in 20 minutes 11.7 seconds (average speed of 9.23 MPH).The female record for a 5K is about 14 minutes 11 seconds. A very good time is still 17-20 minutes. A good beginners time is around 30 minutes.

At 60mph how long would it take to drive 84 miles?

60 mph = 1 mile per minute the is 1hour 24 minutes

How many miles can you run in one hour at an average speed of 2 minutes and 30 seconds?

If you're saying that it takes 2 minutes 30 seconds to cover 1 mile, then the number of miles covered in 1 hour is 60/2.5 = 24 miles.

What is the average time it takes to run a 26.2 miles?

The average time to run 26.2 miles is 4 hours 32 minutes and 8 seconds. Hope this helps you!

What is is the average running speed for two miles?

To join the army, two miles must be done in 15 minutes and 53 seconds, so average is somewhere around there.

How many miles from Waco TX to Dallas?

Waco Tx is 96 miles to Dallas Tx.Driving time is 1hour 40 minutes.

What is the Average speed of a marathon that ran 26.2 miles in 1 hour 18 minutes and 27 seconds?

The average speed is 20.038 mph.

How many hours is 136 miles?

That depends on your speed and the number of stops you make. However, if you average 60 miles per hour for the entire distance your driving time would be about 2 hours and 16 minutes.

A professor runs 1.3 miles to class in 38.7 minutes What is the professors average speed?

1.3 38.7 ? 60 (1hour) 60x1.3/38.7 = 2.01/miles per hour 0.855 - 0.945

How far is waurika okay from thackerville okay?

Roughly 75 miles or around 1hour 15 minutes drive.

How far is it from Cartersville Georgia to Oxford Alabama?

1hour 58 minutes under normal conditions 82 miles

How long does it take to travel 30 miles at 55 mph?

About 32 minutes 43 seconds.

How fast do you need to run to finish 1.5 miles in 15 minutes and 50 seconds?

You need to maintain an average speed of 5.7 miles per hour.