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Q: What is the average speed of an olympic sprinter that runs 100 m in 9.88 seconds?
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Do bees fly at an average speed that is faster than an Olympic sprinter?

No you can outrun bees

A sprinter runs the 100 m dash in 9.8 seconds. What is the sprinter's average speed?

~10.2 meters per second.

What is the average speed of an Olympic sprinter that runs 100 m in 9.88 s?

22.92 mph.

Calculate average velocity and average speed?

sharon sprinter changes her speed from 4.5m/s to 7.5m/s in the middle 1.5 seconds of a 100m race. what is her average velocity for this time period?

Kph of a olympic sprinter?

Peak-speed, 43,9 kph by Bolt

A world class sprinter runs the 100 yard dash in 9.08 seconds What is the sprinter's speed in miles per hour?

The sprinter's speed is 22.53 miles per hour.

What is the top speed of an Olympic Sprinter?

The world record for the 50 meter freestyle was set in 2000 by Alexander Popov. His time was 21.64 seconds. This translates to 2.31 meters/second.

What is the average speed if a sprinter runs 10.1 seconds for 100 meters?

Just divide the distance by the time. That will give you the speed, in meters/second. If you want kilometers/hour, multiply the result of the division by 3.6.

A world class sprinter can burst out of the blocks to essentially top speed of about 11.5 ms in the first 15m of the racewhta is the average acceleration of the sprinter?

Usain Bolt

A sprinter travels a distance of 200 m in a time of 18.53 seconds.What is the sprinter's average speed rounded to 4 sf?

10.63 m/s

What is the average speed from 100 miles in 50 seconds?

100 miles/50 seconds= 2 miles per second average speed

Average speed of aaron Lennon?

9.95 seconds to 10.3 seconds