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Q: What is the complete factorization of the polynomial 125x3 45x?
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What is 5x cube -45x?

y = 5x^3 - 45x is a polynomial equation that crosses the y axis at x=3.

What is the factorization of the trinomial 3x3 - 24x2 plus 45x?

3x3 - 24x2 + 45x = 3x*(x2 - 8x + 15) = 3x*(x - 3)*(x - 5)

What is the definition of cofficient of polynomial?

The coefficients of polynomials are the numbers in front of the variable expressions. Ex: In the polynomial: 3x^5 + 12x^2 - 45x + 134 the numerical coefficients are: 3,12,& -45

What is the factorization of the trinomial x3 plus 14x2 plus 45x?

x(x + 9)(x + 5)

What is the factorization of the trinomial x3-4x2-45x?

X3 - 4X2 - 45XX(X2 - 4X - 45)=============X is only common factor here.

What is the factorization of this trinomial 3x3 - 24x2 plus 45x?

3x3 - 24x2 + 45x = 3x(x2 - 8x + 15) = 3x(x2 - 3x - 5x + 15) = 3x[ x(x - 3) - 5(x - 3) ] = 3x(x - 5)(x - 3)

How do you solve -45x-6 equals 2?

If: -45x-6 = 2 Then: -45x = 2+6 => -45x = 8 And: x = -8/45

what is 45x 67?


What is 45x plus 2 -18?

It is an algebraic expression that can be simplified to: 45x -16

What is the itegration of 45x?

to integrate 45x, you fisrt take note of the indices which is one you then take this idicies and add one to it this gives you 45x^1+1=45x^2 then u proceed by taking that resulting indices and dividing the function by this figure this gives [45x^2]/2 this is now the resulting integral

What is the trinomial for 5x plus 4 9x plus 9?

(5x+4)(9x+9) FOIL First (5x*9x=45x**2) Outside (5x*9=45x) Inside (4*9x=36x) Last (4*9=36) 45x**2+45x+36x+36 45x**2+81x+36 9(5x**2+9x+4x)

What is 9x times -5?

It is: -45x