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It is an equilateral triangle

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Q: What is the correct geometrical name for a regular polygon whose interior and exterior angles are in the ratio of 1 to 2?
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What is The sum of the exterior angles of a docegon?

I think its this.... Find the interior. Then do 180 - the interior. That is the exterior. * * * * * The correct answer is that the sum of the exterior angles of any polygon is always 360 degrees.

What is the sum of interior and exterior angle of a polygon?

The sum of each pair of interior and exterior angles of a polygon is always 180 degrees.

What type of an interior angle of a polygon and its adjacent exterior angle are complementary?

The interior angle of a polygon and its adjacent exterior angle can never be complementary.

What is the answer of the polygon interior angle is five times the size of exterior?

Interior + Exterior = 180 and Interior = 5*Exterior So interior = 150 degrees and exterior = 30 degrees. Nothing more may be said unless it is known that the polygon is regular.

What are the interior and exterior angles of a regular polygon?

If the polygon has n sides, each exterior angle is 360/n degrees.The interior angle is 180 less exterior angle.

What is a polygon exterior angel when its interior is 174?


The supplement of an exterior angle of a polygon is the?

interior angle

How is an exterior angle of a polygon formed?

180 - interior angle = exterior angle

If the exterior angle of a regular polygon is 20 what is the interior angle of this polygon?


What is an exterior and interior angles?

The exterior and interior angles of each vertex of a polygon add up to 180 degrees.

What is the exterior and interior angle of a regular 10 sided polygon?

Exterior = 36 degrees Interior = 144 degrees

How many sides does a polygon have with 720 degrees?

is 720 the interior angle or exterior if exterior then the answer is two if interior then the answer is six

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