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0.75 is a good estimate.

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Q: What is the decimal estimate for 0.74?
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How many athletes participate in track and field worldwide?

1, 074, 300 estimate U.S. official poll 1, 074, 465, 200 U.S. Official Poll 2005

How do you estimate 8.75 In decimal?

The number is already in decimal form so why would you want to estimate it in decimal form???

Which is bigger 7 or 074?

074 = 74 is bigger than 7.

What is the estimate decimal of 0.87?

I would estimate the value of 0.87 to be around 0.86999999...

How do you do multiplication of decimal with a magnitude estimate?


What is the decimal estimate for 0.548 plus 0.356?


How do you estimate a range for the sum in a number with a decimal?

The range of a single number - with or without a decimal - is zero.

How can you use an estimate to help you place the decimal point in multiplying decimals?

0.235 * 0.6891 = 0.1619385 What's to estimate? The total decimal places in the multiplicands is the total in the answer.

How do you estimate the product of a decimal and a whole number?

The answer depends on what the decimal is: the processes for 9999.02 and 0.02 are very different.

How can you estimate the sum of two game cards when one game card is decimal and one is a fraction?

It depends on your level of numerical skill. You can convert the decimal to an approximate fraction and estimate the sum of the two fractions, or you can convert the fraction to an approximate decimal and estimate the sum of the two decimals or, if you are more able you just estimate their sum directly.

Why would you estimate before dividing a decimal?

Because you can get the wrong answer

How do you Estimate the quoitent of a decimal and whole number?


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