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it is equal to 7/10 or in decimal, 0.7

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Q: What is the decimal for seven ninths?
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Related questions

What is negative forty seven ninths as a decimal?


What is the decimal form of seven ninths?

0.77777777777.... continuing forever

What is seven thirdS multiplied by four ninths?

In decimal form the answer is 1.037

How do you write seven ninths in decimal form?

7/9 written in decimal form is .77777, where the seven is a repeated decimal, meaning that it never ends0.7777 repeating

What is seven ninths as a decimal fraction?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 7/9 is equal to 0.7 recurring (that is, 0.7777..)

What is seven ninths as a decimal?

seventy-seven point seven percent (recurring). Just divide 7 by 9 on the calculator.

What is one and four ninths written as a decimal?

one and four ninths as a decimal = 1.4444

What is seven ninths minus four ninths?

Seven ninths minus four ninths is 1/3.

What is five ninths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, five ninths is equal to 0.5 recurring (that is, 0.55555...).0.55

What is less seven ninths or four fifths?

seven ninths.

What is one ten ninths decimal?

One and ten ninths is 2.111...

Is seven eights bigger than seven ninths?

Yes, seven eights is larger than seven ninths.

What is four ninths of twenty-seven?

12 is four ninths of twenty-seven.

How many inches in one and seven ninths?

That depends what there are one and seven ninths of.

What is two ninths of twenty seven?

Two ninths of twenty-seven is six.

What is five sixth minus seven ninths?

15/18 - 14/18 = 1/18

How many ninths are in 7 ninths?

Seven of them

How do you make eight ninths a decimal?

eight ninths as a decimal = 0.888889 8/9: = 8 ÷ 9 = 0.888889 in decimal

What is the decimal form of nine and five ninths?

decimal form of nine and five ninths = 9.5556

What is five over nine times fourteen?

seven and seven ninths.....or...... seventy ninths

What is three ninths out of twenty seven?

three ninths of 27 is 9

What is one minus two ninths?

seven ninths

What is three ninths in a decimal form?

three ninths (3/9) in a decimal form = 0.333 (repeating)

Four ninths as a decimal?

0.4444 . . .

Three ninths as a decimal?