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The variable that does not change.

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Q: What is the definition for a independant variable?
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What is the definition of independant variable?

There is no such thing in C programming, recategorize your question.

What does independant variable mean?

The independent variable in an experiment is the one variable that is varied.

Is the independent variable the variable that is changed in an experiment?

the independant variable is what you are changing in each test..

Is The independent variable is the variable that is changed in an experiment?

the independant variable is what you are changing in each test..

What are the kinds of variable?

dependant independant control

What is an independant variable in science?

An independant variable is the variable in science that you'll be changing throughout the experiment. Like if you were experimenting on plants, the independant variable is how many plants you'll be taking out and putting back in. For example, you take out one of the bad plants and include three more.

What is the name for the variable in an experiment that is changed by the person conducting the experiment?

The independant variable

What is an axis in an independant variable in a Line graph?

The independent variable is on the x-axis.

What is the condition being changed by the scientist?

Independant variable

What is an independent vaurable?

The object you are testing in a hypothesisThe Independant or manipulated variable is what 'I' or you are changing....if you are measuring the effect of fertilizer on plant height, the Independant variable is the presence/absence of fertilizer.

What is something you keep the same in an experiment?

independant variable i think :)

What is an independant variable in an experiment?

The independent variable is the item YOU change on purpose from one measurement to a next. The dependent variable is what you measure after you change the independent variable.

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