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Proportions of differing proportionality

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Q: What is the definition of different proportions?
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What is the definition of different proportions in geometry?

This means that the different proportions are not the same. You could have different sizes or have the shapes change unproportionally.

Why do triangles have different proportions?

they have different proportions because one is bigger than the other one

What fats are made of the same elements but in different proportions?

Fats are made of the same elements as carbohydrates, but in different proportions.

What is the definition of portfolio construction?

The process of identifying which asset classes to invest in, and in what proportions..

Is a compound a chemical combination of atoms whose proportions do not vary?

No. A compound is a mixture of different elements. They can be in different proportions. Examples are CH3 and CH4.

How can two coumpounds made from the same element be so different?

Because the proportions of the elements are different in the different compounds. They may contain the same elements, but the different proportions make them different compounds with different properties.

How many lengths is 40 widths?

Different pools have different proportions.

What is quantile group?

a group of equal proportions - the definition of quantile is one of a class of values of a variate that divides the total frequency of a sample or population into a given number of equal proportions

Why are your objects of different proportions and why is this important?

because they just are

What are the different letter proportions?

naghahanap nga din

What contains the same elements as carbohydrates but in different proportions?


What are proportions of a population that are at different ages called?

age structure