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0.85034 g/cm3 (density = mass divided be volume)

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Q: What is the density of a mass of 25.0 grams and a volume of 29.4 cm cubed?
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What is the mass of an object its density is 5 grams centimeters cubed and the volume is 10 centimeters cubed grams to centimeters cubed converter grams to centimeters cubed conversion?

mass = density x volume Mass = 5 grams per centimeter cubed x 10 centimeters cubed = 50 grams

What is The mass of 5.42 cm cubed of platinum if the density is 22.5 cm cubed?

The density must be 22.5 GRAMS per cm cubed, not 22.5 cm cubed. Then, Density = Mass/Volume implies Mass = Density*Volume = 22.5 * 5.42 = 121.95 grams.

What is the density of of an object with the mass of 35 grams and volume of 7centimeters cubed?

Density = mass/volume = 5 gm/cm3 .

How do you get mass with volume and density?

density = mass/volume volume = mass/density mass = density x volume Ex: V=40m cubed M=300g D=a M/V 300/40 = 7.5g _______ m cubed or D= 7.5 grams per meter cubed

What is the density of an object with a mass of 50 grams and a volume of 5cm cubed?

Just divide the mass by the volume.

What is the density of a mineral with a mass of 150 grams and a volume of 6 centimeters cubed?

Density = Mass/Volume = 150/6 = 25 grams per cm3.

What is the density of a material that has a volume of 40 cm cubed and a mass of 2 grams?

density = mass/volume = 2g/40cm3 = 0.05g/cm3

Find the density of 7.40 cm3 that has a mass of 112 grams?

Density = Mass/Volume Density = 112g/7.40cm3 = 15.1 grams per centimeter cubed

What is the density of a cube with a mass of 8 grams and a volume of 2 centimeters cubed?

Density = mass/volume Density of the cube = 8g/2cm3 = 4g/cm3

What is the volume of a substance which has a mass of 554 grams and a density of 3.1 grams per centimeters cubed?

Volume = mass / density = 554g / 3.1 gcm-3 ~= 178.7 cm3

What is the density of a block that has the mass of 14.6 grams and a volume of 9.2centimeters cubed?

Density = 1.587 g/cm3

What is the density of a material with a mass of 20 grams and a volume of 10cm cubed?

Density is 2 g/cm3

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