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Q: What is the diameter of a no 2 pencil?
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What is the driffrent numbers on the side of the pencils for?

The number of the pencil is based on the type of carbon lead used inside. The thicker the carbon lead gets the higher the number of the pencil becomes. If you notice a mechanical pencil is 0.9mm in diameter so it would be called a #0.9 pencil. A #2 pencil's lead is 2mm in diameter. So Why would we call a pencil a #3 pencil? Because it's lead is 3mm in diameter.

What is the diameter of the pencil you have?


A pencil has a diameter 7 mm a scale diagram of the pencil has dimeter 3.5 determine the scale factor of the diagram?

scale factor=7/3.5=2

What are the standard dimensions of a 2 Pencil?

Typical Typically-sized pencil under a ruler. A standard, hexagonal, "#2 pencil" is cut to a hexagonal height of 1⁄4-inch (6 mm), but the outer diameter is slightly larger (about 9⁄32-inch (7 mm)).[

What is the diameter of a pencil in decimal inches?

It is twice its radius

What is 6mm in diameter?

An ordinary pencil is one example.

What is the diameter of a pencil?

pencils can have differend diameters,regular its about 5mm

What measurement tool would you see to measure the diameter of a pencil?


What metric unit would you use measure the diameter of a pencil lead?


How long is a standard number 2 pencil?

A pencil with one pinted end and one flat end, will have two sides (as the pointed end is all one surface), PLUS however many sides the body of the pencil has - in this case six, so the total willl be 8.

How can you tell if a pencil is a number 2 pencil?

Usually on most pencils it says it on the case or on the side of the pencil by the eraser it says PENCIL #2 or #2.Hope i helped!:)

Is 0.5 lead the same thing as a number 2 pencil?

Actually, what you are asking is referring to the hardness of the pencil. So both, 0.5mm and 0.7mm are the same hardness as number two pencils. The number of lead, 0.5, is a thinner lead in diameter to the 0.7.