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An edge is where two faces of a three dimensional figure meet. An vertex is where three edges meet.

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Q: What is the difference between a vertex and an edge?
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What is the difference between a corner and a vertex?

there is no difference its the same xD

What shape has one vertex and 1 edge?

A cone has one vertex and one edge.

What is the java program for Dijkstra's algorithm?

import java.util.List; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Collections; class Vertex implements Comparable<Vertex> { public final String name; public Edge[] adjacencies; public double minDistance = Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY; public Vertex previous; public Vertex(String argName) { name = argName; } public String toString() { return name; } public int compareTo(Vertex other) { return, other.minDistance); } } class Edge { public final Vertex target; public final double weight; public Edge(Vertex argTarget, double argWeight) { target = argTarget; weight = argWeight; } } public class Dijkstra { public static void computePaths(Vertex source) { source.minDistance = 0.; PriorityQueue<Vertex> vertexQueue = new PriorityQueue<Vertex>(); vertexQueue.add(source); while (!vertexQueue.isEmpty()) { Vertex u = vertexQueue.poll(); // Visit each edge exiting u for (Edge e : u.adjacencies) { Vertex v =; double weight = e.weight; double distanceThroughU = u.minDistance + weight; if (distanceThroughU < v.minDistance) { vertexQueue.remove(v); v.minDistance = distanceThroughU ; v.previous = u; vertexQueue.add(v); } } } } public static List<Vertex> getShortestPathTo(Vertex target) { List<Vertex> path = new ArrayList<Vertex>(); for (Vertex vertex = target; vertex != null; vertex = vertex.previous) path.add(vertex); Collections.reverse(path); return path; } public static void main(String[] args) { Vertex v0 = new Vertex("Harrisburg"); Vertex v1 = new Vertex("Baltimore"); Vertex v2 = new Vertex("Washington"); Vertex v3 = new Vertex("Philadelphia"); Vertex v4 = new Vertex("Binghamton"); Vertex v5 = new Vertex("Allentown"); Vertex v6 = new Vertex("New York"); v0.adjacencies = new Edge[]{ new Edge(v1, 79.83), new Edge(v5, 81.15) }; v1.adjacencies = new Edge[]{ new Edge(v0, 79.75), new Edge(v2, 39.42), new Edge(v3, 103.00) }; v2.adjacencies = new Edge[]{ new Edge(v1, 38.65) }; v3.adjacencies = new Edge[]{ new Edge(v1, 102.53), new Edge(v5, 61.44), new Edge(v6, 96.79) }; v4.adjacencies = new Edge[]{ new Edge(v5, 133.04) }; v5.adjacencies = new Edge[]{ new Edge(v0, 81.77), new Edge(v3, 62.05), new Edge(v4, 134.47), new Edge(v6, 91.63) }; v6.adjacencies = new Edge[]{ new Edge(v3, 97.24), new Edge(v5, 87.94) }; Vertex[] vertices = { v0, v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6 }; computePaths(v0); for (Vertex v : vertices) { System.out.println("Distance to " + v + ": " + v.minDistance); List<Vertex> path = getShortestPathTo(v); System.out.println("Path: " + path); } } }

What is the difference between standard form and vertex form?

The difference between standard form and vertex form is the standard form gives the coefficients(a,b,c) of the different powers of x. The vertex form gives the vertex 9hk) of the parabola as part of the equation.

What is a cycle graph?

A cycle is a closed path such that the end vertex of the final edge is the start vertex of the first edge.

How many face vertex and edge does a cone have?

Two faces, one vertex and one edge on a finite cone.

Does a hemisphere have a vertex?

No but it has a circular edge

What shape has one vertex one edge and one base?

A cone has one vertex, one edge, and one base.

Which is the point where sides meet in a polygon a edge a endpoint a side or a vertex?


What are a face an edge and a vertex?

A face is the flat surface of an object (2 or 3 dimensional). An edge is when two sides (faces) meet on an object. A vertex is the corner of an object, where an angle exists between two or more lines.

What has 2 faces a vertex and a edge?

its a triangle

What degree of a vertex would lead to a vertex edge graph unable to be traveled?


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