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Crude Birth Rate is how many live children are born. Crude death rate is how many people die. Crude death minus crude birth is the net gain (or loss) and is called the birth rate. It represents whether or not deceased people are "replaced".

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Q: What is the difference between birth rate and crude birth rate?
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What is the Difference between crude death rate and actual death rate?

Death Rate is the actual rate of death where Crude Death Rate is a guess on the death rate.

Crude birth rate of India?

The crude birth rate of India is approximately 22.1/1000

Comparison between crude birth rate and death birth rate?

simple thing.. no of death is equal to 4 times larger than the no of birth....

What does the word natural increase mean?

Is the crude birth rate minus the crude death rate of a population

How is crude birth rate different from general fertility rate?

Well I'm not sure what crude birth rate is, but birth rate is births per 1000 people. Fertility rate is average children born to a woman in her lifetime.

What is the difference between crude birth rate and fertility rate?

Birth rate is how many live births there were in an area per 1000 of the population in a year. Fertility rate is the "average number of children born to each woman over the course of her life." http:/

Difference between birth and death rate?

Birth rate is the rate of which people are being born. Death rate is the rate of which people are dying.

What is annual growth rate in geography?

It is found by subtracting the "crude death rate" from the "crude birth rate" and expressed as a percentage. (IB Geography)

How do you calculate the natural increase rate?

It's called the Demographic equation (Crude birth rate) - (Crude death rate) + or - ( Migration) = rate of natural increase

How is the rate of natural increase determined?

The formula for finding the rate of natural increase is as follows: (Crude birth rate - Crude Death Rate) / 10. The result is the rate of natural increase in percentage form. For example, Paraguay's crude birth rate (28.47) - the crude death rate (4.49) is 23.98; divide that by 10 and the result is 2.39%, Paraguay's rate of natural increase.

What is the difference between death rate and birth rate?

The difference between the two is 'population growth' if it is a positive number or 'population decline' if it is negative.

How do you find calculate the NIR?

The formula to calculate the natural increase rate is (crude birth rate-crude death rate)/10 = % natural increase.

How do you work out crude birth rate?

see the technical graph

Can a country's infant mortality rate be higher than its crude birth rate?


What is the current natural increase rate for the world?

The current approximate natural increase rate of the world is about 1.14%. It can be calculated the formula, " (Crude birth rate − Crude death rate) / 10."

What is Mexico's crude birth rate?

19.2 births/1,000 population

What does it mean if a country has a crude birth rate and a crude death death rate?

In that country, a lot of children are born and a lot of people die over average.

Who has the highest crude birth and death rate Africa Latin America Asia Europe Ocenia?

Africacrude death rate 15crude birth rate 38

What is the birth rate in the world?

For this question, the CIA World Factbook will be used. According to a 2009 estimate, the number of the "birth rate in the world" shows to be 19.86/1,000 population. This is the crude birth rate: the average number of births a year during a year per 1,000 person in the population at midyear. The crude birth rate is used to indicate fertility, but keep in mind that it is affected by age, unlike the total fertility rate. The total fertility rate is 2.5 and measures the number of children that a woman has over the course of her life; it is synonymous to the crude birth rate in that is is a another way to measure birth rate.

What is the current average birth rate of the world?

The average crude birth rate for the entire world is 20.3 births per 1,000 population.

How do you compute the natural growth rate of a country?

Subtract the crude death rate from the crude birth rate.Crude birth rate is the number of children born per one thousand people.Crude death rate is the number of people that die per one thousand people.

What demographic transition stage is Nigeria?

Nigeria is currently in Stage 2 of the Demographic Transition because of the high Crude Birth Rate and the falling Crude Death Rate.

What is the birth rate of Greece?

According to official statistics (available at, the crude birth rate of Greece in 2008 was 10.53, representing 118,302 births.

What is meant by natural increase in population?

The rate of natural increase is the crude birth rate minus the crude death rate of a population. Usually developing countries have a high natural increase rate, and developed countries have a low or neutral rate.

What is the crude Birth rate of Nepal according to latest census?

20.88 per thousand