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29 inch x 29 inch

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Q: What is the dimensions of carrom board?
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Why do you use powder on carrom board?

To make carrom board smooth and to reduce friction

Hindi name of carrom?

name of carrom board in hindi

What do you call carom board in Tamil?

(carrom board OR carrom palagai) -Since it is a game, same name is used in Tamil.

Is boric acid used on carrom board?

h-bonding in it gives it a layered structure & so it is used in carrom board for smooth gliding of the puck.

What is the meaning of the Tamil word carrom board?


What is the Tamil meaning of carrom board?


Where can one purchase a carrom board?

Carrom boards can be purchased from specialized retailers such as Carrom Shop, who sell them via their website. They can also be bought from many large online retailers such as Amazon and eBay.

Did the Carrom Company manufacture furniture as well as board games?


Best carrom board brand in India?

We are pioneers in the manufacture of super satin smooth playing surfaces with super fast stroke master carrom frame in carrom boards. With more than 50 years of experience in quality product manufacturing, we are the choice of quality-conscious buyers in the world. We are manufacturing carrom boards with wide ranges and in different sizes with the use of most latest and advanced technology and manufacturing processes. We have carrom boards for beginners to masters in the game of carrom. Play on our carrom boards and feel the difference! Visit for more details

When did Carrom happen?

Carrom happened in 1988.

Why is talcum powder used in carrom board?

A small quantity of talcum powder is sprinkled on a caromboard to reduce friction

What are the ways of increasing and reducing friction?

TO REDUCE FRICTION: We can use fine powder on the carrom board to reduce friction