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Q: What is the gcf of 18a times a times b times b and 28times a times a times a times b times b?
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What is the GCF of 30a cubed timed b squared and 24a squared times b?

The GCF is 6a2b

The g.c.f of two numbers is 73 and l.c.m is 1752 find the numbers?

The relationship between GCF, LCM, and the numbers aa and bb is: \text{GCF}(a, b) \times \text{LCM}(a, b) = a \times bGCF(a,b)×LCM(a,b)=a×b Given that GCF is 73 and LCM is 1752: \text{GCF}(a, b) \times \text{LCM}(a, b) = a \times bGCF(a,b)×LCM(a,b)=a×b 73 \times 1752 = a \times b73×1752=a×b 127896 = a \times b127896=a×b Now, you'll need to factorize 127896 to find the two numbers that, when multiplied, result in this product. After factorizing, you'll determine which pair of factors satisfies the conditions.

What is the LCM of 9 a cubed b and 18 abc?


What is the GCF of b2 and b?

Answer: GCF= b

What is the most common motor swap for a 91 integra?

b 18a 1.8 doc

What is the GCF of ba and b?

The GCF of ba and b is b. That factors to b(a - 1)

What is the GCF of 29 and 87?

GCF of a and b is a if b is divisible by a.87 is divisible by 29 so, GCF(29,87) = 29.

How do you use the greatest common factor subtraction method?

If you have two numbers A and B, and A > B, then GCF(A, B) = (A-B, B) Thus the problem of finding the GCF of A and B has been reduced to finding the GCF of B and a smaller number, A-B. This process can be continued until the two numbers are the same: and that number is the GCF.

What is the GCF of ab and bc?

The GCF is b.

What is the gcf of B an 90?

The GCF is 1.

How do you find the LCM and GCF of two no in c?

#include<stdio.h> main() { int a,b,i,lcm,gcf; printf("\n Enter two numbers"); scanf("%d%d",&a,&b); for(i=0;i<=a;i++) { if((b%i==0)&&(a%i==0)) { gcf=i; } } lcm=a*b/gcf; printf("\n GCF is %d and LCM is %d",gcf,lcm); }

What is the greatest common factor of B B and B?

To answer that, you'll need to have a numerical value for the letters.