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There is no inequality since there is no inequality sign.

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Q: What is the inequality of 13 X plus 2665?
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What is the solution to the inequality -4 plus x -7?

There can be no answer because there is no inequality in the question.

What is the inequality of x plus 1 and gt6?


What is 3x plus x less than 2x plus 12?

It is an inequality in x.

What is the answer to this inequality -12 plus x -18?


What is X plus 0 plus 13?

If: x+0 = 13 then x = 13

2x plus x plus x plus 5 3x - x plus 13?

= 18x + 13

What is the answer to the inequality x plus 14 less than - 11?


What is X plus 2y is greater than 4?

The inequality is: x+2y > 4

Find the graph of the inequality y -x plus 1?

"y - x + 1" is not an inequality. It is a simple expression. If you want something like "y - x + 1 > 0" that would be an inequality. Rephrase and resubmit.

Is 1 an inequality to 2x plus 3 7?

Not necessarily. 1=2x+37 -36=2x -18=x It is not an inequality when x=-18

What is the solution set of the compound inequality x plus 1 is less than neg2x plus 11 is less than 3x plus 5?

This compound inequality cannot be solved.

How to solve x plus y for graphing?

You cannot solve x plus y since that is an expression, not an equation (nor inequality).

What is x plus 423?

It is x + 423. There is no equation nor an inequality that can be solved for the value of x. It is simply an expression.

What a inequality that represents 13?

The solution of an inequality is USUALLY a range of numbers. Here are some examples that include the number 13:x >= 13x > 0x < 100

Solve the inequality and enter your solution as an inequality comparing the variable to the solution -3 plus x10?

Solve the inequality and enter your solution as an inequality comparing the variable to the solution. -33+x&lt;-33

Which value of x is a solution of the inequality 25x -100 250?


Graph the solution x plus 7 is less then13?

The graph of the inequality ( X + 7 ) &lt; 13 is the entire infinite half of the x-y plane to the left of the vertical line ( X = 6 ), but not including the line itself.

What is the answer to 25x-2y plus 13x-6y plus x?

There can be no answer because the question contains an expression, not an equation or inequality.

What is the answer to y x plus 2 y2x-5?

Since there is no equality (or inequality) sign in the question, there is no equation or inequality) and therefore nothing which can be solved.

What is the answer of the compound inequality 3x less than x plus 1 less than 12?

The answer is x &lt; 0.5

What is the factorization of the trinomial -x squared plus 11 x plus 26?

-x2 + 11x + 26 = -(x - 13)(x + 2) = (13 - x)(x + 2) = (x - 13)(-x - 2)

What is x plus 3 plus 10?

x + 3 + 10 = x + 13

What is the inequality of x - 4 6?

What is the inequality of: x - 4 < 6

What is x 13(x)-123x4567?

The question contains an expression but not an equation nor inequality. It is, therefore, not possible to "solve" anything for x.

What number would be a solution for the inequality x plus 7 10?

If (x+7) &gt; 10, then x &gt; 3. If (x+7) &lt; 10, then x &lt; 3.