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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the largest decimal number you could make using a number in the thousandths place?
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Could you compare decimal thousandths on a thousandths grid or number- line?


What is two hundred and fifteen thousandths in decimal form?

You could mean 200.0015 if you are talking about the whole number two hundred. You could also mean 0.215 if you are talking about an amount of thousandths.

How do you write 8 thousandths as a mixed number?

You cannot, because 8 thousandths is less than one, so there is no 'mixing' to be done. If it were 1 and 8 thousandths, then the mixed number would be 1 8/1000, or as a decimal fraction, 1.008. The decimal fraction 8 thousandths could be written 0.008, and as a fraction, 8/1000

How do you write two hundred seven ten-thousandths as a decimal?

0.0207 However, the question is ambiguous and the number could be [two hundred] and [seven ten-thousandths] = 200.0007. Unlikely, though.

How would you write 50 thousandths as a decimal?

The first position to the right of the decimal point measures tenths, the second position measures hundredths and the third position measures thousandths. 1 thousandth is therefore 0.001 50 thousandths is 0.050 Note : 50 thousandths is equivalent to 5 hundredths so the decimal number could then be written as 0.50. In terms of value they are the same. In terms of what the number tells you, they are obviously different.

Why Is 52 Thousandths as A Decimal?

It need not be: you could write it as 52/1000 and in that form it would be a ratioonal fraction, not a decimal fraction.

How do you write 0.00006 in decimal word form?

Six hundred-thousandths. Could be easily confused with 0.600: six hundred thousandths. (as in "six" "hundred-thousandths" vs "six hundred" "thousandths")

What is the word name of a decimal problem 0.800?

You could call that eight hundred thousandths,

Can a batting average be a repeating decimal?

We ususally stop on the thousandths but 3 hits out of 10 at bats could be considered a repeating decimal.

What is four hundred and ninety seven thousandths in decimal form?

400.097The question is ambiguous as it could either be the answer above or0.497Actually the first answer is correct. The written out numbers after 'and' is the decimal portion and the ones before 'and' is the whole number.0.497 would just be four hundred ninety-seven thousandths

What could the decimal be if a decimal rounded to the nearest hundredths?

It could be any number whatsoever.

How do you write three hundred-thousandths as a decimal?

The question is ambiguous, It could be 0.300, but is more likely to be 0.00003

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